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ROCCO's April Cozy Reviews

Meow!  Here are my cozy reviews for April!






Librarian Minnie Hamilton and her clever cat Eddie solve a purr-fect murder, in the newest installment of the delightful Bookmobile Cat Mystery series.

Minnie and her rescue cat Eddie can often be found out and about in their bookmobile near Chilson, Michigan, delivering great reads to grateful patrons all over the county. But they always brake for trouble, and when Minnie sees a car speeding away down the road, and soon comes upon a dead bicyclist, she assumes she just missed seeing a hit-and-run.
Minnie is determined to discover who was behind the wheel, but it soon turns out that things are far more complicated than they seem and there's more to this case than meets the eye.  Luckily, this librarian is ready to read the killer his rights.

We always enjoy solving the crimes along with Minnie and Eddie the Bookmobile cat!  Laurie Cass does not disappoint with another excellent cozy!






  A pet detective on the hunt for a prominent pooch is found dead, and inn owner Holly Miller has to sort through her guest list for suspects in this all new Paws & Claws mystery in the New York Times bestselling series.

The ladies of the Wagtail Animal Guardians, WAG for short, are in town for a pet adoption charity ball, and Holly is making sure to roll out the red carpet for her special guests. She and her furry best friend Trixie are busy keeping the WAG ladies happy and preparing for the ball when they learn that a retired judge has lost his prized pup. 

The venerable citizen has hired a pet detective who has some personal ties to Holly’s new guests. His presence ruffles some feathers, and when the PI is found DOA not long before the ball, Holly wonders if one of the WAG ladies had a motive for murder. To make matters worse, some pet-loving guests of the ball nearly suffer the same deadly fate. Holly and Trixie will have to sniff out the clues and leash a callous killer before they strike again....

We are big fans of this series of Krista Davis's as well as her Diva series.  Holly and her furry friends have thier work cut out for them this time around!  Fans will enjoy sniffing out the clues along with Holly.....four and a half paws!


Avery Morgan has been hired to breathe new life into the Portage Path Women's Club, but first she'll have to deal with a dead body and a meddling ghost.

When a local theater troupe puts on a new play at the club, manager Avery Morgan is excited. This is just the sort of event that's destined to bring in potential new members. Okay, millionaire banker Bob Hanover has more bucks than talent and has used his position to grab the lead role, but that seems like a small price to pay...until Bob is found dead backstage.

Bob rubbed many people the wrong way, but would anyone want him dead? The short answer to that is: Who wouldn't want him dead? His long-suffereing wife had to put up with years of womanizing. The show's playwright has been tricked out of his one great idea by Bob, who claimed it as his own work. And Bob bankrupted one of the town's small businessmen. The choices are many and the time to find the killer is running short.

Avery is working overtime to keep the club open and find the killer. Fortunately, she has help with the latter task. Clemmie Bow was once a singer in the speakeasy in the club's basement. Now she's a ghost who's also a top-notch detective. Together Clemmie and Avery will find the killer—even if it kills one of them.

I'm a big fan whenever supernatural and mysteries are combined.  If that's your cup of tea, then you will definitely enjoy this offering!  4 paws!


Sebastian St. Cyr thought a notorious killer had been brought to justice until a shocking series of gruesome new murders stuns the city in this thrilling historical mystery from the USA Today bestselling author of Who Speaks for the Damned.

It's October 1814. The war with France is finally over and Europe's diplomats are convening in Vienna for a conference that will put their world back together. With peace finally at hand, London suddenly finds itself in the grip of a series of heinous murders eerily similar to the Ratcliffe Highway murders of three years before. 

In 1811, two entire families were viciously murdered in their homes. A suspect--a young seaman named John Williams--was arrested. But before he could be brought to trial, Williams hanged himself in his cell. The murders ceased, and London slowly began to breathe easier. But when the lead investigator, Sir Edwin Pym, is killed in the same brutal way three years later and others possibly connected to the original case meet violent ends, the city is paralyzed with terror once more. 

A good thriller for a Saturday afternoon!  Four paws!


Midwife Sarah Brandt Malloy and her detective husband, Frank, must discover who killed a prominent—but despised—society banker before an innocent family is destroyed in Murder on Wall Street, an all-new Gaslight Mystery in the USA Today bestselling series.

Reformed gangster Jack Robinson is working hard to bolster his image in Gilded Age New York City society as he prepares to become a new father. But when Hayden Norcross, the man who nearly ruined his wife, is shot in cold blood, Jack knows the police will soon come knocking on his door. Frank Malloy has to agree—things don’t look good for Jack. But surely a man as unlikeable as Hayden had more than a few enemies. And it’s soon clear that plenty of the upper echelon as well as the denizens of the most squalid areas of the city seem to have hated him.

Sarah and Frank have their work cut out for them. As the daughter of the elite Decker family, Sarah has access to the social circles Hayden frequented, and the more she learns about his horrific treatment of women, the more disturbed she becomes. And as Frank investigates, he finds that Hayden had a host of unsavory habits that may have hastened his demise. But who finally killed him? Sarah and Frank must put the pieces together quickly before time runs out and Jack’s hard-won new life and family are ripped apart.

This series always delivers!  Four paws

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ROCCO'S favorite Sleuthing Couples from Film and TV!

 Meow.....what the world needs now are not depressing movies and tv shows, but fun couples who dabble in detection!  Similar to the human's beloved Nick and Nora (albeit Nick's a feline, but...when you got it, you got it!)  Below are my choices for five couples who fill the bill not only as superior sleuths, but fun couples!



Who could forget the 80's series introduced by the couples majordomo, Max:

This is my boss – Jonathan Hart, a self-made millionaire. He's quite a guy.

This is Mrs. H – she's gorgeous. She's one lady who knows how to take care of herself.
By the way, my name is Max. I take care of both of them – which ain’t easy; ‘cause when they met, it was murder.

Jonathan Hart (Robert Wagner) is the CEO of Hart Industries, a global conglomerate based in Los Angeles. His wife Jennifer (Stefanie Powers) is a freelance journalist. Living the jetset lifestyle, the Harts often find themselves involved in cases of smuggling, theft, corporate and international espionage and, most commonly, murder. At their opulent Bel Air estate, they are assisted by Max (Lionel Stander), their shared mansion's loyal, gravel-voiced majordomo, who also helps with their cases. The Harts's beloved pet dog is a Löwchen called Freeway, so named because he was a stray that they found wandering on the freeway.  They're all so darn charming, we'll forgive them for not having a cat.



Kate Jackson and Bruce Boxleitner delighted us for four seasons with the adventures of Amanda King, a housewife who finds herself embroiled in espionage after Agent Lee Stetson accidentally gives her a package meant for another spy.  For me, this series ended way too soon, although many believe having the couple marry in Season Four caused the show to "jump the shark", citing that the romantic tenstion between the two main characters fizzled.



The series revolved around cases investigated by the Blue Moon Detective Agency and its two partners, Madelyn "Maddie" Hayes (Shepherd) and David Addison Jr. (Willis). The show, with a mix of mystery, sharp dialogue, and sexual tension between its leads, introduced Willis to the world and brought Shepherd back into the spotlight after a nearly decade-long absence. The characters were introduced in a two-hour pilot episode.

The show's storyline begins with the reversal of fortune of Maddie Hayes, a former model who finds herself bankrupt after her accountant embezzles all her liquid assets. She is left saddled with several failing businesses formerly maintained as tax writeoffs, one of which is the City of Angels Detective Agency, helmed by the carefree David Addison. Between the pilot and the first one-hour episode, David persuades Maddie to keep the business and run it as a partnership. The agency is renamed Blue Moon Investigations because Maddie was most famous for being the spokesmodel for the Blue Moon Shampoo Company. In many episodes, she was recognized as "the Blue Moon shampoo girl," if not by name.



He's a poplular thriller writer who's full of himself. She's a hard-boiled NYC cop  who's not.  It was a marriage made in heaven right from the get-go, even if neither one of them realized it at first.

Castle, bored and suffering from writer's block, he kills off Derrick Storm, the main character in his successful book series. He is brought in by the New York Police Department for questioning regarding a copycat murder based on one of his novels, where he meets and becomes intrigued by Kate Beckett (Katic), the detective assigned to the case. Castle is inspired to take Beckett as his muse for Nikki Heat, the main character of his next book series and uses his friendship with the mayor to force the police to let him shadow Beckett. Castle's exuberant man child personality clashes with Beckett's more reserved and professional demeanor. However, as Beckett begins to appreciate Castle's assistance in helping her catch killers, the two eventually become friends and then lovers. The cases often dealt with murders occurring within various unusual subcultures or milieus, including reality TV shows, vampire enthusiasts, a science fiction convention, and a man who claims to be a time traveler. A recurring plot line deals with the unsolved murder of Beckett's mother years before.




We all know theres no sleuthing couple than the original Nick and Nora Charles.  Tough PI marries madcap heiress and they end up solving mysteries with the aid of their trusty terrier, Asta.  there were two tv series based on the book, but none compared to the original movies starring William Powell and Myrna Loy!  No one can deliver a one-liner like these two!!!!!!

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ROCCO reviews Haunted Hibiscus (and Laura Childs does a FAST FIVE)

 Meow! Today I'm reviewing Laura Child's latest entry in the Tea Shop Mysteries, HAUNTED HIBISCUS!

Haunted Hibiscus

a tea shop mystery

Laura Childs

Berkley hardcover

March 2, 2021

Five Stars


Tea maven Theodosia Browning brews up trouble in the latest Tea Shop Mystery from New York Times bestselling author Laura Childs.

It is the week before Halloween and Theodosia Browning, proprietor of the Indigo Tea Shop, and her tea sommelier, Drayton, are ghosting through the dusk of a cool Charleston evening on their way to the old Bouchard Mansion. Known as the Gray Ghost, this dilapidated place was recently bequeathed to the Heritage Society, and tonight heralds the grand opening of their literary and historical themed haunted house.

Though Timothy Neville, the patriarch of the Heritage Society, is not thrilled with the fund-raising idea, it is the perfect venue for his grandniece, Willow French, to sign copies of her new book, Carolina Crimes & Creepers.

But amid a parade of characters dressed as Edgar Allan Poe, Lady Macbeth, and the Headless Horseman, Willow's body is suddenly tossed from the third-floor tower room and left to dangle at the end of a rope. Police come screaming in and Theodosia's boyfriend, Detective Pete Riley, is sent to Willow's apartment to investigate. But minutes later, he is shot and wounded by a shadowy intruder.

Timothy begs Theodosia to investigate, and shaken by Riley's assault, she readily agrees. Now, she questions members of the Heritage Society and a man who claims the mansion is rightfully his, as well as Willow's book publisher and her fiancé, all while hosting a Sherlock Holmes tea and catering several others.

But the Gray Ghost holds many secrets, as do several other key suspects, while this murder mystery plays out on the eve of Halloween.

ROCCO's review:

Who can resist a Halloween murder mystery?  Once again, a very pleasing entry in a spectacular series.  Theo wades through her list of suspects with her usual aplomb, with Drayton as her trusty sidekick.  There are plenty of twists and turns to satisfy even the pickiest reader, and as usual an ending you dont see coming.  We would like to add that Theo has vastly improved in the wardrobe destruction department as well.  A Five Paw tale (tail?).

ROCCO’S Fast Five for Haunted Hibiscus

by Laura Childs, New York Times bestselling author

What’s your favorite part of the day?

Late afternoon when the sun starts to slant in my office window. That’s when I get

my second wind and the ideas flow more easily. Maybe because it feels like the

pressure’s off, maybe because it suits my circadian rhythm.

What do you like to do to celebrate when you finish writing a book?

I kind of hate to admit this, but I don’t celebrate. Crazy at it sounds, if I finish a

book in the morning, I start a new one that afternoon. Compulsive, huh?

What food do you wish was calorie free?

Chocolate is my dark master. I’m addicted to chocolate covered peanuts, boxes of

Godiva, chocolate walnut fudge . . . well, you get the idea.

What was your favorite book as a child?

I adored the Sign of the Twisted Candles. It was a Nancy Drew Mystery that had

everything I love – spooky old inn, quirky characters, tantalizing crime, and three

BFFs out to solve a mystery.

What’s something that’s always in your refrigerator?

Diet Coke. I can’t get moving in the morning without a can of Diet Coke. And

though nutritionists would call me crazy, I feel it’s genuinely good for you. If

you’re hot, it cools you down. If you’re feeling crumby it settles your stomach.

And when you’re tired that little jolt of caffeine picks you right up!

Thank you, Laura!

Laura Childs will give away a signed copy of Haunted HIbiscus to one lucky commenter! to enter, leave your name and email address in our comments section below. US entries only, please.  Winner will be chosen using Contest ends midnight, March 28.

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ROCCO's March Cozy reviews!

 Meow, it's time for our March cozy reviews!





MARCH 2 2021


A Game of Cones

Abby Collette

Ice Cream Parlor Mystery

Berkley - Trade paperback

March 2, 2021

Four 1/2 paws

Bronwyn Crewse is delighted that Crewse Creamery, the ice cream shop her family has owned for decades, is restored to its former glory and serving sweet frozen treats to happy customers in the picturesque small town of Chagrin Falls, Ohio. But when a big city developer comes to town intent on building a mall, a killer with a frozen heart takes him out.
 After literally stumbling across the body, one of Win’s closest friends becomes the prime suspect, and to make things worse, Win’s aunt has come to town with the intention of taking command of Crewse Creamery. Even though Win has a rocky road ahead to help her friend and keep her ice cream shop, it'll take more than a sprinkle of murder to stop her from solving the crime and saving the day.

Who doens't love ice cream, especially when it's connected to a mystery!!!!  Good second entry in this series!





MARCH 9, 2021

Five Paws

Lana Lee returns for another delectable cozy set in a Chinese restaurant in Cleveland, Ohio in Vivien Chien's Fatal Fried Rice

Lana Lee runs her family’s Chinese restaurant in Cleveland’s Asia Village like nobody’s business. When it comes to actual cooking, however, she’s known to be about a step up from boiling rice. So Lana decides to go to culinary school on the sly—and prove that she has what it takes in the kitchen after all. But when course instructor Margo Chan turns up dead after class, Lana suddenly finds herself on the case, frying pan in hand.

Since she was the one who discovered the body, Lana must do double duty in finding the killer and clearing her name. Now, with or without the help of her boyfriend Detective Adam Trudeau, Lana launches her own investigation into Margo’s life and mysterious death. Doing so leads her on a wild goose chase to and from the culinary school—and all the way back to the Ho-Lee noodle shop, where the guilty party may be closer than Lana thinks.

We love this series!  Every time i read one, the descriptions of the food make my mouth water!  And the mystery isn't bad either LOL.  Lana's foray into cooking doens't turn out too well, and as usual she's on the receiving end of a body discovery, much to the dismay of her main squeeze, Detective Adam Trudeau.  Watching Lana chase down clues is part of the fun of reading the book!  A definite five paw page turner!


A cozy capers mystery

Maddie Day


March 30, 2021

Four and a half paws

Cape Cod bicycle shop owner Mackenzie “Mac” Almeida and her mystery book club find a certain accusation of murder quite the stretch . . .
When your mother is an astrologist and your dad is a minister, you learn to keep an open mind. Which is just what Mac loves to do—exercise her mind by puzzling out fictional clues in the mystery novels she reads and discusses with her Cozy Capers Book Group.
But now Mac’s friend Gin has found herself in a sticky situation. After wealthy genealogist Beverly Ruchart is found dead outside Gin’s taffy shop, the candy maker becomes a person of interest. When it’s revealed that Beverly was poisoned the night Gin brought a box of taffy to a dinner party at Beverly’s house, she’s bumped to the top of the suspects list. It’s up to Mac and her Cozy Capers crime solvers to unwrap this real-life mystery. But this time they might have bitten off more than they can chew . . .

Interesting series with good characters!  Looking forward to more.

Monday, March 1, 2021








The fight for freedom has sent Matt Drake to some of the world's most dangerous spots. This time the war is coming to his front door.

Broad daylight on an Austin, Texas, street and DIA operative Matt Drake is fighting for his life against a highly trained team of assassins. Who are they? Why do they want him dead? How will he protect those closest to him?

The answers will take him into some of the most dangerous spots in the Middle East and will put him in the clutches of an old foe known simply as the Devil. It's a world of double crosses, with no boundaries between the guilty and the innocent. It will take all of Drake's wiles to get out alive.

Editorial Reviews


"[D]evoted action fans, will be right at home. All can benefit from Drake's insider tips: get military pepper spray if you can; the commercial stuff is a powder puff."—Booklist

About the Author

Don Bentley spent a decade as an Army Apache helicopter pilot, and while deployed in Afghanistan was awarded the Bronze Star Medal and the Air Medal with "V" device for valor. Following his time in the military, Don worked as an FBI special agent focusing on foreign intelligence and counterintelligence and was a Special Weapons and Tactics (SWAT) team member. --This text refers to the hardcover edition.

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Author Debbie De Louise in ROCCO's hotseat!


Meow! My guest today is author and blogger Debbie DeLouise!


Debbie De Louise is an award-winning author and a reference librarian at a public library on Long Island. She is a member of Sisters-in-Crime, International Thriller Writers, the Long Island Authors Group, and the Cat Writers’ Association. Her novels include the five books and three stories of the Cobble Cove cozy mystery series, a comedy novella, When Jack Trumps Ace, a paranormal romance, Cloudy Rainbow, and the standalone mysteries; Reason to Die, Sea Scope, and Memory Makers. Her latest book, Pet Posts: The Cat Chats is a non-fiction pet book. She lives on Long Island with her husband, daughter, and three cats.


Debbie’s stories and poetry also appear in the Red Penguin Collections, What Lies Beyond, 'Tis the Season, and Standout:The Best of the Red Penguin Collection, Volume I. Her poems are also featured in the Nassau County Voices In Verse 2020 anthology and the 2020 Bards Annual.



Welcome Debbie!


 R:  Tell us a bit about yourself and how you became interested in writing.


  1. It seems I’ve always been interested in writing. As a child, I loved to read and also make up stories. When I learned to write, my teachers told my parents they saw talent in my writing.


R:  Tell us about your latest release


  1. My latest release is Pet Posts: The Cat Chats. It’s my first non-fiction book featuring feline health, behavior, and other topics told from 4 of my cats’ points of view. It’s also the first book I’ve self published. My other books, including my Cobble Cove cozy mystery series and several standalone mysteries are published by two Indie publishers.


R: What do you hope readers will most take away from your writing?


  1. I hope that readers will relate to my characters and enjoy reading the mysteries in which they are involved. I hope that they are slightly surprised by the endings to my books but not shocked. I hope they find entertainment and enjoyable escapism from daily life within the pages of my novels.

R: What genre do you generally write and have you considered other genres?

4.     I write mostly mysteries, both cozies and traditional ones, but I’ve dabbled in several other genres – romance, science fiction, horror, fantasy, and now non-fiction.

R: What have you had published to-date? Do you have a favourite of your books or characters?

5.     I’ve published 10 full-length books, 5 of them are part of my Cobble Cove cozy mystery series, and a dozen or so short eBooks along with short stories in anthologies, and pet articles for online and print magazines. All my published works are listed on my website: Most of them are available as paperbacks and eBooks. The eBooks are free on Kindle Unlimited and only available through I also have two books in audio, large type, and hardcover. My award-winning psychological mystery, Sea Scope, is also translated in Spanish.

R: What are you working on at the moment / next?

6.     I’ve just signed a contract with Next Chapter Publishing for a time-travel thriller called Time’s Relative that should be released this spring.  KittyKai’s Easter Mystery, another short Cobble Cove cozy mystery eBook for Solstice Publishing that has an Easter theme, will be released March 5th.

R: Are you a plotter or a pantser?

7.     I’m mostly a pantster, but I try to plot a little. When I do, I tend to deviate from any outlines I create as my characters take over and lead the way.

R: What do you do when you’re not writing? Any hobbies or party tricks? :)

8.     No party tricks unless you call pulling my cats out of boxes – lol. I have been exercising to walking videos regularly and outdoors when the weather permits. I love to read, but I don’t have much time to do it while I’m writing. I also enjoy playing with my cats.

R: Where can we find out more about you and your work?

9.     I listed my website earlier. It’s I’m in the process of redesigning it. It also features my blog and newsletter sign up.

My cat character, Sneaky, from my Cobble Cove mysteries also has his own blog where he interviews pet characters from other mysteries and also hosts a column by my two real life cats. His blog can be found here: Sneaky the Library Cat’s blog:

My other social media links are:




Amazon Author Page:
All Author:





Debbie’s Character’s Chat Group:


R: You have also written several other books—tell us a bit about those. –


  1.  My Cobble Cove cozy mystery series began with A Stone’s Throw that introduced the main character, Alicia, who is a librarian like me. In the first book, her husband has been killed in a strange hit-and-run accident. She travels to his childhood hometown of Cobble Cove (a fictional, upstate New York town) to seek out people who may have known him and accepts a job there as a librarian. She then discovers a secret about her husband that reveals his death wasn’t an accident. As the series continues, Alicia becomes involved in other mysteries along with Sneaky, the Cobble Cove library cat.


In my latest book of the series, No Gravestone Unturned, published in October, Sneaky is aided by two other cats in helping Alicia solve a murder in the Cobble Cove graveyard. While Sneaky has been a silent cat in previous books and only leading Alicia to clues and helping her like a regular cat, in the two eBook stories following the 4th full-length book, Sneaky’s Christmas Mystery (the Cat Writers’ Association’s MUSE medallion winner) and Sneaky’s Summer Mystery, the readers became aware of Sneaky’s thoughts and that of the other pet characters in the series.


This past summer, I also published a medical thriller, Memory Makers, about a woman who volunteers for a clinical trial of a new memory drug hoping to recall the face of the man who kidnapped her and her sister as children and murdered her sister.


All my books usually include cats, if not in big roles, then in subplots. I sometimes feature other pets, too. There are two dogs in my Cobble Cove series, and I even feature a parrot in my thriller, Reason to Die, about the murders of handicapped people in a small town in Connecticut.


 Thank you for being a guest here, Debbie!  And for hosting our recent blog tour for HISS H FOR HOMICIDE! on your blog.


Giveaway time!


Debbie will acknowledge one lucky commenter in one of her next books and send that commenter a free copy of that book in eBook form when it’s published this spring.


To enter, leave your e-mail address along with a comment with your full name and choose one of the below titles that you would most like to read:

KittyKai’s Easter Mystery: A Cobble Cove Story (cozy mystery) or Time’s Relative (a time-travel thriller).

Entries without email will be disqualified.  Contest ends midnight EST , Sunday February 28th.





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ROCCO's Fast Five with....JON LAND

 Jon Land, one of our favorite authors, has a new release!

Margaret Truman's Murder on the Metro, Jon Land's first thrilling addition to the New York Times bestselling Capital Crimes series, Robert Brixton uncovers a sinister plot threatening millions of American lives!

"A roller coaster of a novel." —David Baldacci, New York Times bestselling author

Israel: A drone-based terrorist attack kills dozens on a sun-splashed beach in Caesarea.

Washington: America awakens to the shattering news that Vice President Stephanie Davenport has died of an apparent heart attack.

That same morning, a chance encounter on the Washington Metro results in international private investigator Robert Brixton thwarting an attempted terrorist bombing. Brixton has no reason to suspect that the three incidents have anything in common, until he’s contacted by Kendra Rendine, the Secret Service agent who headed up the vice president’s security detail. Rendine is convinced the vice president was murdered and needs Brixton’s investigative expertise to find out why.

In Israel, meanwhile, legendary anti-terrorist fighter Lia Ganz launches her own crusade against the perpetrators of that attack which nearly claimed the lives of her and granddaughter. Ganz’s trail will ultimately take her to Washington where she joins forces with Brixton to uncover an impossible link between the deadly attack on Caesarea and the attempted Metro bombing, as well as the death of the vice president.

The connection lies in the highest corridors of power in Washington where a deadly plot with unimaginable consequences has been hatched. With the clock ticking toward doomsday, Brixton and Ganz race against time to save millions of American lives who will otherwise become collateral damage to a conspiracy destined to change the United States forever.

"Margaret Truman’s Murder in the Metro is a spectacular international thriller of intrigue and conspiracy that I could . . . not . . . put . . . down." —Mark Greaney, New York Times bestselling author

We have to agree with the above reviews!  Land has once again crafted a spectacular thriller that will please fans of this series and keep readers on the edge of their seats!  A five paw read!!!!!!!!!

About the author:

Jon Land is the USA Today bestselling author of more than fifty books, over ten of which feature Texas Ranger Caitlin Strong. The critically acclaimed series has won more than a dozen awards, including the 2019 International Book Award for Best Thriller for Strong as Steel. He is also the author of Chasing the Dragon, a detailed account of the War on Drugs written with one of the most celebrated DEA agents of all time. A graduate of Brown University, Land lives in Providence, Rhode Island and received the 2019 Rhode Island Authors Legacy Award for his lifetime of literary achievements. 

And now...ROCCO's fast five with Jon Land!

If you won a million dollars, what's the first thing you would do?

 Wow, that’s actually a tough one. I think I’d just pay off all my debts. What a feeling that would be! I’m not a traveler, I don’t play golf, I just don’t have expensive tastes. It’s a blessing to enjoy the simplest things the most, a blessing when the things you enjoy the most don’t cost a lot.


What movie could you watch over and over?

 It’s a tie between JAWS and THE GODFATHER. Every time I’m flipping through channels and I come to one of those I start watching and then I can’t stop. Same thing with the Sean Connery Bond movies. And THE USUAL SUSPECTS which for me is the best screenplay of this generation. Interestingly, I remember as a kid watching AIRPORT starring Burt Lancaster, that takes place during a snow storm, during a snow storm. Now, whenever it snows, I have this urge to watch it again which I did just a few weeks ago after I finally bought the digital version from my cable company. Go figure.


Do you have a favorite movie quote and if so, what is it?

 I have a million! But at the very top of that list is from CASABLANCA when Claude Rains playing the cop speaks to the just arriving Nazi soldiers after Bogie shoots the Gestapo said: “Major Strasser has been shot!...Round up the usual suspects.” It’s flat-out perfect.


What is your favorite part of the day?

 I don’t have one. Different parts of the day represent different things for me, but I guess I’d go with evenings because there are less emails and no phone calls to distract me from working or anything else. Yup, evenings because that’s I have time all to myself and now, because Trump’s gone, I’m not chained to MSNBC anymore for my nightly therapy. Rachel Maddow should send me a bill for all the therapy she provided for those four impossible years with that lumbering piece of _______ in the White House.


If you could talk to any author, living or dead, who would it be and what question would you ask them?

 Well, as you know thanks to my association with the International Thriller Writers, many of my favorite authors are also very close friends, like R.L. Stine, Lee Child, David Morrell, James Rollins, Sandra Brown—too many to name. So I’d go with Stephen King who’s my absolute favorite author because I’ve been reading him for so long and he’s still at the top of this game. I don’t have a specific question I’d ask him—I just want to have a conversation. People always compliment me on the depth and breadth of my imagination. But compared to Stephen King, I’m a first grader.

Thank you Jon!!!!!  Folks if you are in the mood for a thrill ride, pick up a copy of Murder on the Metro today!

Jon will send a copy of MURDER ON THE METRO to one lucky commenter. to enter, leave your name and email address in our comments section.  US entries only, please!  Contest ends Feb. 20th.