Friday, May 24, 2024


 ROCCO here! Today my protege Chazz and I are reviewing another book in the Black Cat series, #4, BLACK CAT AND THE SECRET IN DEWEY' DIARY.

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In this dual tale of mystery, lost treasure, and riddles, while Black Cat narrates the exciting events in Fern Lake, Kimberlee discovers a cryptic clue in a diary about a hidden treasure, and heads to Austria to solve the puzzle. When Kimberlee and Dorian arrive in Austria, they attract the attention of a stalker determined to steal the diary in hopes the clues will lead him to the treasure first. On a collision course, it is inevitable that Kimberlee and the stalker meet in Hopfgarten. Black Cat and Angel’s lives are endangered with the arrival of Kimberlee’s grandmother in Fern Lake, and the return of a man presumed dead for twenty-five years. With both arrivals, emotional and financial difficulties loom for Kimberlee's family. Since their return to Fern Lake, Angel seems reluctant or unable to adjust to her new home. Does she regret leaving Texas and Grandmother? And, when the opportunity arises, will she decide to leave Black Cat and Fern Lake?

ROCCO:  Firstoff, the main character in the book is a black cat--so you know it has to be good, right?  Second, who doesn't love a tail (sorry, tale) about hidden treasure!  Once again Black Cat and Angel find themselves in the middle of a conondrum and plenty of danger!  I like the relationship between Black Cat and Angel, and Angel's conflicting feelings.  A keeper.  Four paws.

CHAZZ:  I enjoyed the book as well.  I actually pictured myself in Austria along with Black Cat and Angel solving the mystery!  Kimberlee is an excellent human character, and Black Cat and Angel are remarkable sleuths!  This book is a keeper for me as well. Four paws.