Monday, November 21, 2016

ROCCO'S guest - Ling Ling from the Mrs. Odboddy series.

My guest: Ling-Ling from the Mrs. Odboddy series.

Ling-Ling is a charming cat featured prominently in the Mrs. Odboddy series written by Elaine Faber. 

Elaine Faber is a member of Sisters in Crime, Inspire Christian Writers, and Cat Writers Association. She has published four novels. Her short stories are published in multiple anthologies. Elaine lives in Northern California with her husband and three housecats, the inspiration for the Black Cat Mysteries. She volunteers at the American Cancer Society Discovery Shop.
Mrs. Odboddy-Hometown Patriot
Black Cat’s Legacy
Black Cat and the Lethal Lawyer
Black Cat and the Accidental Angel

R: for all our interested readers out there – particularly the feline ones – describe a typical day in your life.
LL:With the victory garden to fertilize, keeping free-loading birds out of the apple tree, and garage rodent patrol, there’s little time left for an afternoon nap in a sun puddle.

R: Tell us about your owner, Mrs. Odboddy? What’s the deal with the Nazi spies? LL:Unlike many elderly human’ minions’, Mrs. Odboddy has severe flights of fancy. But, seeing conspiracies under every cabbage bush and obsessing about Newbury newcomers as Nazi spies? Really!

R: Tell us about some of Mrs. Odboddy’s adventures? What’s her latest caper? LL:Most recently, she discovered a supposed ration book conspiracy and had to bring the culprits to justice. So, she hid in the dark and climbed into the back of a pickup truck that was… but you’ll have to read for yourself what happened next.
Then, there was the time she put six chickens in the bathroom. Now, what self-respecting moggy could ignore such temptation? So, I carried out a Black-Ops mission. Chickens? Birds? What’s the difference? I don’t know why she was so mad.

R: What do you love most about her? Dislike most?
LL: I’ll be forever grateful that Mrs. Odboddy rescued me when my former ‘minion,’ Lilly, was sentenced to a Japanese internment camp. Oh, the injustice of it! I guess Mr. Roosevelt had his reasons, being there’s a war on and all, but I think if I was President of the USA, I would have figured out a better way to deal with Japanese-American citizens. Dislike? Probably when Mrs. Odboddy is making the bed and tosses me to the floor. Now, that’s a real injustice!!!!

R: What’s the story behind your name?
LL: My previous owner, Lilly Jengyu, named me Ling-Ling after a relative who lived in Japan fifty years ago. Lilly has never been out of the USA.

R: If you could change one thing about your human what would it be?
LL: Mrs. Odboddy thinks no one knows about the henna rinse on her hair. She should be delighted to have grey hair with some tinges of dark around the edges. I mean, that’s what my fur looks like, right?  Mostly grey with dark edges around my feet and face? Aren’t I beautiful? You bet your extra dew-claw I am! 

R: Do you have a boyfriend?
LL: The orange tabby across the street likes to come courting, but I believe relationships should be based on similar religious beliefs, political affiliation and ancestry. I am an Episcopal Democrat Siamese…and that striped cat across the street is a Baptist Republican that favored Wendell Wilkey in the last election. How would that work out? What would be talk about?  

R: Would you be open to the idea of a handsome tuxedo courting you from afar? LL:Depends…What is your favored religion, political views and ancestry? I don’t believe in mixed marriages. But, I’m always open to purr-suasion...

R:  Just for fun…
Catnip or scratching post? Definitely, scratching posts. As a Democrat Episcopal Siamese, catnip is against my religion, as it alters one’s ability to resist temptation.
Tabbies or Tuxedos? We’ve already discussed this issue above.
Fish or Steak? I’m a Friskie-atarian. I don’t eat anything that had eyeballs.
Shakespeare or Stephen King? Shakespeare is boring and Stephen King keeps me awake at night. A girl needs her beauty sleep.  I only read cozy cat mysteries.

Mrs. Odboddy Hometown Patriot is a hysterical mythical romp through small town America during WWII. Available at Amazon for just $3.99. You’ll laugh at Mrs. Odboddy’s fancies and foibles as she deals with her life full of conspiracies and spies during this exciting and challenging time in American history.

Elaine (and Ling-Ling) will give away two e- books (reader's choice) to one person who leaves a favorable comment on this blog!  Please don't forget to leave your email address so we can contact you!  Contest ends midnight, November 26..


  1. Thanks, Rocco for a riveting interview. I look forward to your fans who may soon become MY fans! Ling-Ling and Elaine

  2. Excellent interview Ling-Ling and Rocco. In a short interview many facts are disclosed to us. Well done my friend.

    Shoko and Kali
    The Canadian Cats

  3. I am so glad that Ling-Ling spoke her opinions in an interview with a human. I especially liked her outlook on possible boyfriends and spilling her owner's secrets. Great job!

  4. Ling Ling thanks you for your purr-captive comments. Hope you will purchase the book and enjoy much more of her and her human minions...

  5. Good morning Rocco. I enjoyed your interview with Ling Ling and Elaine Faber's great book Mrs. Oddbody series. What a fantastic

  6. Thanks for commenting. Glad you liked Ling-Ling. I know you would love the book too. The sequel to Mrs. Odboddy is coming out in January, 2017! Whoo Hoo!! Mrs. O is traveling across country, carrying a package to President Roosevelt and of course there will be Nazi spies on board!!!

  7. Absolutely, grey with brown accents is perfection!
    Although humans often feel the need to play with colors. I imagine as her hair grows our, between henna applications, she is an interesting mix of red, great, and some brown.

    libbydodd at comcast dot net

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