Everything you want to know about....NICK AND NORA!

This page is dedicated to the characters in the NICK AND NORA mystery series!
Book Synopsis and Character Detail!

Book #1:  MEOW IF ITS MURDER:  Nora Charles, an ex-crime reporter, returns to her hometown of Cruz, California to take over her deceased mother's specialty sandwich shop.  Not long after she undertakes solving the mystery of a socialite's suspicious drowning with the aid of a fat tuxedo cat who turns up on her doorstep and who seems to have a flair for detective work, courtesy of his former human, a missing PI.  (Release date: December 2, 2014)

 NORA CHARLES: former investigative reporter who returns to Cruz to take over her mother's sandwich shop. Likes a good mystery and writes articles for online true crime mag, NOIR.

NICK CHARLES:  A stocky, black and white tuxedo cat with large golden eyes and a white streak behind one ear, who turns up on Nora's doorstep one night.  Formerly called Sherlock, he belonged to PI Nick Atkins, who is currently MIA.  Nick has a flair for detection and enjoys communicating clues to Nora via  his favorite toy: Scrabble tiles. 

CHANTAL GILLARD:  Nora's best friend and co-owner of Poppies, the flower shop, along with her brother Remy.  She likes to speak with an affected French accent and has psychic abilities.  She also makes custom jewelry and a line of pet collars which she always tries to get Nick to model for her.

DANIEL CORLEONE:  Detective on Lola Grainger's case, he and Nora clash at first but then....well, we'll just have to see, won't we???????

OLIVER J. SAMPSON, AKA "OLLIE":  Nick Atkins' partner who wouldn't mind it a bit if Nora went into business with him!

LOUIS BLONDELL - runs NOIR, the magazine Nora writes for in her spare time.

LANCE REYNOLDS - Nora's old High School boyfriend, he runs the POKER FACE, Cruz's only bar and grill.  Had a giant crush on Nora's sister Lacey growing up.

LOLA GRAINGER:  Socialite who drowned under mysterious circumstances: at least to Nora.

KEVIN GRAINGER:  Lola's husband, owner of KMG

MARSHALL CONNOR: Controller of KMG, one of Kevin's key people

BUCK TABOR:  VP of Accounting at KMG

PATTI:  Kevin's admin, who has romantic designs on her boss

SHELLY LOTT:  Captain of the Lady L

CARLO WYATT:  Hitman for the mob.

ADRIENNE SLOANE:  Lola Grainger's sister who hired Nick Atkins to investigate her sister's death

HENRY "HANK" PRINCE:  Nora's old CI from her reporter days


NICK ATKINS:  Missing(??!!)  PI and the former "Human" of Nick the cat.  There  may be more to Atkins' disappearance than meets the eye, which will be explored further in:

 Book #2:  CLAWS FOR ALARM:   Nora's plans to delve further into the mysterious disappearance of Nick Atkins take a backseat when her sister is arrested for the murder of her art professor.  She's also thrown for another curve when, during her investigation, someone from her past resurfaces.  (tentative release date: December 1, 2015)



  1. I just finished reading "Meow If It's Murder and I really enjoyed it. Thanks for a terrific new mystery series with interesting characters, a terrific storyline and...of course,... a fabulous feline! I can't wait for the nest book.

    1. thanksj Sharon! Next book comes outDec 1,2015

    2. Amendment to that announcement: Book 2 comes out November 3, 2015!

  2. I just found Meow if it's Murder. I thoroughly enjoyed it. Getting ready to read Claws for Alarm. I collect all the Cat Cozy Mysteries. Thanks for starting a new one!

    Connie S. Fort Worth TX

  3. Very catchy titles to your books! I have not read them yet, but do plan on adding them to my "to read" list!

  4. When is Hiss H for Murder coming out?

  5. Will there be another Nick and Nora mystery? :-)

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