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Master is running a contest...

At Indie Urban Fantasy! To enter, just read her post and leave a comment here:


The winner of ourBURN OUT giveaway is : Talina Perkins! Congrats, Talina!

Watch tomorrow for a special birthday giveaway....

Rocco :)

ROCCO'S BIG BIRTHDAY BASH (a Nathan Fillion autographed photo, oh please oh please)


Yes, kitties, it's true...tomorrow I turn three! and, in celebration, I have a spectactular post planned for tomorrow - my actual birthday! I've also decided to post part one of Ashlyn Chase's interview with me on Thursday, so you can all enjoy it thru the weekend!

I am hopeful that Master has gotten me some things I had on my list - I know she got me the Browncoat Redemption DVD - now all I need is the actual Browncoat, LOL.
Among my wishes:

An autographed photo of Nathan Fillion
A supply of catnip mice
A bird of my very own
Did I say autogrpahed photo of Nathan Fillion? In his browncoat from Firefly would be nice, but I'm n ot fussy...

We're in the homestretch of our KIDS NEED TO READ FUNDRAISER! ONLY ONE DAY LEFT TO SHOW YOUR SUPPORT FOR THIS GREAT CHARITY CO-FOUNDED BY NATHAN FILLION. just amble on over to the sidebar and purchase one of my master's books. For .99 how can you go wrong LOL - plus a portion goes to charity.

And speaking of my master, I would be remiss if I did not mention some very nice reviews received.
On NO REST FOR THE WICCA, catch it at Bewitched Bookworms here:

and also at BITTEN BY BOOKS, HERE:




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Can you believe it! May is over, and Memorial Day is upon us, a time to remember those who gave our lives so we could be free...and also to remember to keep your pet safe during all your celebrating!

Here are some of my tips to help your pet (whether it be cat or dog, meow!) enjoy that holiday right along with ya!

This upcoming weekend is Memorial Day Weekend and that means a day off from work, BBQs, and hanging out with friends or family. If you are going to have a party at your house, remember to keep your pet safe. Holidays can mean a lot of commotion and routine change that can throw your pet off. They may be excited about it or stressed. Some pets love company and other shy away. Some pets love to play with kids and others may be weary. It’s important to know what is best for your pet and your guests.

Here are some tips to make sure everyone has a good Memorial Day:

Keep alcoholic beverages away from pets. Alcohol is poisonous to pets and can cause vomiting, upset stomach, and worse. So don't offer your pet a sip of your beer or Margarita no matter how much he/she begs!

No table scraps! Those begging eyes for a burger or fry may be tempting. But if everyone at your house gives your dog or cat a taste of their burger or hot dog, can you imagine the gut! Not to mention the gigantic stomachache. And some food like onions, grapes, are poisonous! Come on, do you want to spend your Memorial Day afternoon at the vet?

We all enjoy a nice fresh bowl of water! What with the warmer weather, and mouse and bird chasing/watching, cats and dogs can become dehydrated quickly.

If your pet is shy and easily startled by loud noises and partying, it may be best to keep them in one room of the house or in a crate away where it’s quiet with a little water, food, and a toy. You don’t want your cat or dog to dart away from the house out of fear. (Although Max hides under the bed at the first whiff of a stranger, I am much more social, meow)

Keep matches, lighter fluid, and candles out of reach from your pet. If your pet ingests any of these things, his nervous system, stomach, and lungs can be severely affected. Before your fire up the grill, make sure your cat or dog is not near it.

Keep gates, doors, and fences closed. You don’t want your dog or cat wandering away. Remind all your guests if your cat is indoor only to not leave any patio doors open.

follow those few simple tips and we all shoudl have a great weekend! I know Master has some steaks for her George Foreman grill....

Anyway, next week is MY BIG BIRTHDAY CELEBRATION! Yes, kitties, on Wednesday I am THREE! and as part of my weeklong celebration, we shall have an interview with the fantabulously talented Ashlyn Chase, my personal wish list for my birthday, plus...WE'RE IN THE HOMESTRETCH OF OUR KIDS NEED TO READ FUNDRAISER! It's still not too late to come on out, get an e-book or a print copy and show your support! Purr-chase Links are on the sidebar :)



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Just a reminder- six days left in May (can you believe it???) only 6 Days left to show your support for Kids Need to Read! All proceeds of My Superhero Sister go to KNTR, and a portion of my master's adult paranormals.

So c'mon people! Not much time left! Get out there and READ!



Call the cops! she got robbed! I mean it~! Robbery of the highest order! Meow!

I'm talking about Disney princess Chelsea Kane, of course, and the fact that the girl who was clearly one of the top two dancers all season long ended up in third???!!! place in last night's finale of DANCING WITH THE STARS.

Meow, I suppose we should have seen that coming - Whilst I love Kirstie Alley, she clearly was not in the same category as Hines or Chelsea - although I must admit, her freestyle was EXTREMELY GUTSY for an overweight, 60 year old woman. Kirstie has always had a certain sort of "off the wall" charm which has endeared her to fans ever since her "Cheers" days when she did the unthinkable - replaced the "irreplacable" Shelley Long and made us all say, "Diane Who?"

But, while DWTS is, like every other reality show, a popularity contest, it is supposed to be, first and foremost, a dancing competition - and let's face it, as much as I adore Kirstie her dancing wasn't up to the level that Chelsea and Hines's was.

I mean, we could see Hine's victory a mile away, but I thought for sure Chelsea would give him a run for his money and end up second. I swear, that kid has a blossoming career before her as a pro dancer, should she want to pursue it.

She's in good company, though. there have been other ladies through the years who've been stupendous dancers, and ended up in third or fourth place, most likely becasue they didn't have as large a fanbase as their competitors, i.e.:

SEASON TWO: Stacy Kiebler, Drew Lachey's biggest competitor, finished third behind Jerry Rice (another footballer who was good but not great, IMHO) Many blamed her blah freestyle for not either finishing second or taking the trophy away from Drew. She was consistent all season, an excellent dancer, and a crowd favorite. Jerry Rice also prevented another vastly improved dancer, Lisa Rinna, from landing in the top three. Rinna finished fourth.

SEASON FOUR: Laila Ali, Muhammud Ali's daughter, finishes third behind Joey Fatone and Apollo Anton Ono. that was another season where the top three were too close to call.

SEASON FIVE: OK, at least Mel B finished second. but many thought she was robbed too.

SEASON EIGHT: In another of those too close to call matches, Melissa Rycroft, subbing for an injured Nancy O'Dell, finishes third after a stellar season where she proved herself danceworthy. That season was a close call between the top three: personally, my moneys was on Giles Marini. That guy can dance!

SEASON NINE: IN perhaps the biggest robbery in the show's history, singer Mya was definitely robbed of the trophy,thanks to the entire state of Utah voting for Donny Osmond. Donny was surprisingly good but...Mya was better, far better. and deserved the trophy rather than the second place finish.

All of which brings us to Season Twelve: Chelsea, call the cops! You got robbed, girlfriend!

For anyone who missed the robbery, you can catch it here: http://www.tvsquad.com/2011/05/25/dancing-with-the-stars-season-finale-recap-winner-hines-ward/

Until tomorrow,

Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Better Late than Never....Rocco discovers Mary Janice Davidson

Call me a late bloomer (if you must) but in my never ending quest to improve my catly mind, I am always on the lookout to discover authors, new or established, who write what I like to read.
and, Eureka, this week I've found one! she's been around a while,but better late than never right? She writes with humor and insight, and her books are best sellers? Who is this, you ask?


Even though they keep insisting the fad is dying, I still see plenty of novels with a chick lit tone, and Mary Janice writes 'em like no one can. Right now I'm immersed in her first novel, UNDEAD AND UNWED, and I've had to stop several times because I was laughing so hard my whiskers got wet! I am BEGGING my master to please, please, pick up the other books in this terrific series!

Just in case there are others out there like me who hadn't heard of this fabbo series until a few weeks ago, here's a rundown:

Elizabeth "Betsy" Taylor turns thirty in the most unfortunate manner possible: she is laid off from work and then run down by an SUV. Waking up in the morgue fails to improve her mood, and when she discovers she can't kill herself, she realizes she's beocme a vampire. Being proclaimed "Queen of the Vampires" by the obnoxious Eric Sinclair, who places himself first in line to be her consort, proves to be the last straw.

1.Undead and Unwed
2.Undead and Unemployed
3.Undead and Unappreciated
4.Undead and Unreturnable
5.Undead and Unpopular
6.Undead and Uneasy
7.Undead and Unworthy
8.Undead and Unwelcome
9.Undead and Unfinished

Well, I know what I want for my birthday :) Meow!
And a Browncoat, of course.

until tomorrow,


Monday, May 23, 2011

Happy Monday!

Meow! Hope everyone's weekend was great!

Our interview with ASHLYN CHASE will appear next week, as part of my weeklong birthday celebration! MEOW! Next Wednesday June 1, I turn 3! So I'm planning a big week, meow!

Coffee Time Romance Reviews has posted a review of Raven's Kiss, here:

We're in the home stretch for our KIDS NEED TO READ FUNDRAISER! Hope you will all buy one of my master's e-books (or print, too. Raven's Kiss and My Superhero Sister are both available as POD's at Amazon) and support this charity!

Speaking of Superhero Sister, there is also a nice review here:http://literaryrr.blogspot.com/2011/05/review-my-superhero-sister-by-toni.html

And don't forget...you can still enter to win a copy of BURN OUT, signed by the author! Details are here:

Guess that cat-ches us up, meow!
Tomorrow....more mews!


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Show your support for this charity that promotes getting books to underfunded libraries!

As writers, myself and my master know the importance of the written word! Getting books into libraries that can't otherwise afford them help avoids illiteracy!

Remember, 100% of sales of MY SUPERHERO SISTER WILL BE DONATED, along with a percentage of my master's other two paranormals!

C'mon CASTLE fans! Let's show your support for Nathan Fillion's charity and make May a month for KNTR to remember!
Buy Superhero Sister at:http://www.amazon.com/s/ref=nb_sb_noss?url=search-alias%3Dstripbooks&field-keywords=my+superhero+sister
Paperback and E-Book!

Also, you can get Raven's Kiss and No Rest for the Wicca on Amazon too! Portions of their sales will also be donated!
To learn more about Nathan's charity,visit www.kidsneedtoread.org

this has been a public service message by your neighborhood blogging cat!


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AAA the Weekend approaches!

and with it, lots of anticipation over next weeks posting: my interview with Strange Neighbors author Ashlyn Chase, plus updates on lots of things we've got going on....

and I would like to take this opportunity to remind everyone our fundraiser for KIDS NEED TO READ is still going strong! 13 days left, so c'mon! Show your support for a great charity!

There is a confirmed release date for the new DARK SHADOWS MOVIE- May 11, 2012! Mark your calendars, DS fans! and my master will be releasing a YA novel with a tie-in to DS earlier that spring, so stay tuned!

And dont' forget our giveaway by author Traci Hohenstein! Win a copy of Burn Out! Details on our previous post!

So have a great weekend, kitties.....dont' do anything I wouldn't!

Sci Fi Blogging Cat

Tuesday, May 17, 2011


Interview with Indie Suspense Author: Traci Hohenstein!
Plus a giveaway!

Traci Hohenstein is an indie author that I and my master found on Amazon, and she’s definitely worth a read! Some of you might have seen my master’s article on Traci in this month’s issue of Night Owl Reviews: http://www.nightowlsuspense.com/nor/Pages/Magazine.aspx

For those of you who haven’t – or who want to read the whole article – I’m pleased to present Traci Hohenstein!

R: Hello, Traci and welcome to my blog!
T: Thank you, Rocco.

R:Tell us about yourself.
T:First of all, I love cats. I live in NW Florida in a small beach community with my husband and three adorable kids. When not writing, I love to go to the beach and build sandcastles, swim in the gulf, and soak up the sun.

R:When did you know that you wanted to be a writer?
T: When I was in the 5th grade, our English teacher asked us to write an essay. The topic was to give the point of view of an inanimate object. I wrote about being a daisy in park and observing the children playing. She picked mine to read aloud to the class. My face turned red, but I was hooked from that point on.

R:How did the whole idea for Burn Out come about?
T: I became intrigued by the Natalie Holloway case. I remember watching a search and rescue firm from Texas coming to Aruba with all their specialized equipment and searching for clues about her disappearance. The seed was planted for a main character Rachel Scott, who has a three-year-old that disappears. Rachel starts a search and rescue company to help other missing persons. My husband is a firefighter, so I incorporated that element into the story.. And the first book in the Rachel Scott series, Burn Out, was born.

The next in the series, Asylum Harbor, Rachel is called in to a help locate a missing teenager who vanished during a cruise to the Bahamas. All the while, Rachel is still searching for her own missing daughter as well. This will be a five or six book series.

R:Are your characters based on people you know?
T: I took the liberty of using a few friends’ names for characters. Suzette Breland, who I went to high school with, is actually a lawyer. She is a spunky one, too. Stacy Case also went to the same high school and she is a TV reporter for a station in Nashville, TN. And Michelle Couch is a dear friend of mine who edits my work.
Who knows, in my next novel, there may be a Rocco the cat.
R:Who are some of your favorite authors and why?
T: Lisa Unger, Jane Porter, Alafair Burke, and Sophie Kinsella to name a few. All women authors with a strong voice and interesting characters. I buy all their books and recommend to other readers.

R:What books are you reading now?
T: Stephen King’s On Writing has a permanent place on my nightstand. I read a little bit every night for daily inspiration.
Someone from my Goodreads book club recommended Chelsea Cain’s Heartsick. So far I love it.

R: What made you decide to go “indie”?
T: After several near misses with agents and publishers, I took a look at what other indie authors were doing, namely Joe Konrath, and decided to give it a try. I like the freedom of making my own choices when it comes to cover art, editing, and promo/marketing.

R: If you had to do it all over again, would you change anything in your latest book or publishing experience?
T: No regrets.

R:What was the hardest part of writing and/or publishing your book?
T: Finding a balance between writing (meeting my goal of 2K words a day), promotional/marketing, and spending time with my family.

R:What do you do when you are not writing?
T: You can usually at the beach with a margarita in one hand and a good book in the other.

R:What’s a must have for you when you are writing?
T: My lucky Sorelli ring. Love the way it twinkles when my fingers pound the keyboard

R:Any new projects we should know about?
T: I’m working on two projects right now. My sister, Anna Satterfield, and I are writing a romantic comedy called Special Delivery. It’ll be available May 1st , just in time for Mother’s Day. I hear one of characters has a gorgeous female cat…hmmmm. The other project is the second in the series to Burn Out called Asylum Harbor.

R: MEOW! Me likey female cat 
Now, some “just for fun” questions:
Are you a cat person or a dog person?
T: I’m an animal lover at heart. But nothing beats a cat snuggled in your lap, purring a sweet song and loving on you.

R: PURRR….Sucking up to the interviewer is always recommended

R: Day or Night person?
T: I do my best work at night.

R: Favorite drink?
T: Margarita, frozen, no salt.

R: What is one thing your readers would be most surprised to know about you?
T: I played keyboards in an alternative rock band.

R: What is the craziest thing you've ever done?
T: Not necessarily crazy, but I’ve been white water rafting down class four rapids.

R: If someone could describe you in one word, what would it be?
T: Vivacious

R: In closing:
What do you hope readers will most take away from your writing?
T: I like to write about things that no one else has done or put a different twist on a certain topic. I hope after they read one of my books they think it was clever and well done.

R: Do you have anything specific that you want to say to your readers?
T: Thanks to everyone who supported me and bought a copies of my novel. I love to write and it makes my day to hear that you love my work. I write for you. J

R: Where can our readers find you?
T: www.msthriller.wordpress.com is my blog site which I update a couple times a week.

On Sunday, I get together online with other indie authors and we promote Sample Sunday. You can visit my blog and find a sample of my work-in-progress along with a great recipe.

All my books are on Amazon.com and Barnes and Noble.com.

MEOW! Thank you, Traci! Folks, run out and grab a copy of BURN OUT! And who knows? A cat named Rocco just might turn up in one of her future books!

And now…a giveaway! Traci will give away a personalized, signed copy of BURN OUT to one lucky winner!

To enter, leave a comment on this blog. To earn extra points, just:

Friend my master, Toni LoTempio on Facebook +1
Friend me, Rocco the SciFi Blogging Cat, on Facebook + 1
Friend Traci Hohenstein, the author, on Facebook +1
Tweet about the contest – blog – Night Owl Magazine +1 for each tweet.
Follow my blog, www.catsbooksmorecats.blogspot.com +1

If you do any of the above, be sure to mention it in your comment, for example, Hey Rocco, enter me in the Traci Hohenstein giveaway! I’ve friended your master and Traci on Facebook and tweeted about the giveaway and your blog +4!

Contest will run until Friday, May 27 – winner will be announced Monday, May 30!

Thursday, May 12, 2011



Well,Kitties,the big day is here! My Long awaited interview with the fabulous Janet Evanovich! She took time out of her very busy schedule writing and promoting SMOKIN SEVENTEEN (out June 21) to briefly answer a few questions for me! MEOW!

and without any further ado (because none is needed:

R: Hello, Janet, and welcome. thank you for allowing me to interview you, meow. I realize you're very busy and your answers will be short, but your time is muchly appreciated!

J: Thank you for having me, Rocco.

R: Please tell us a little bit about your next Stephanie Plum book! What can we expect?

JE: I can't say much other than a man from Stephanie's past comes to town.

R: Ah, what a teaser :) Ok, now, confess! Are you Team Ranger, Team Moretti, or Team Diesel?

JE: I'm not a team player. :-)

R: From a fan standpoint, there's nothing you can't do. But is there anything in particular that you feel uncomfortable or that you just can't write about?

JE: I can't write from a male point of view. I have no idea what goes inside a man's head.

R: If you were not a writer, what would you be doing now?

JE: I got a degree in art, so I'd perpetually have paint under my fingernails.

R: Do you do anything special to celebrate when you finish a novel?

JE: Take a walk on the beach, eat some birthday cake (even if it's not my birthday) and then get to work on the next book.

R: Now the question I know is on every Janet Evanovich/Stephanie Plum fan's mind:
Can you tell us your thoughts on the forthcoming Stephanie Plum movie, starring Katherine Heigl?

JE: I'm looking forward to it. I understand that Katherine is a fan of the books and she's always wanted to play Stephanie, so it's all good.

R: In closing: Dog or cat person (careful now J - Meow)

JE: We've always had pets -- cats, dogs, a hamster or two and a bird. But sorry, Rocco, though I love you dearly, I'm currently a dog person. Although my son's cat, Gus, is a frequent visitor. He has play dates with my dog Ollie.

R: Thank you so much, Janet, for making time to let me interview you. Meow! It's been a real pleasure!

There you are, kitties! Hope you enjoyed my interview and I hope that you will all RUN not walk, to your nearest bookstore to get your copy of SMOKIN' SEVENTEEN when it's available June 21 (or download it on your Nook - or Kindle - if you prefer)

And mark your calendars for ONE FOR THE MONEY, in theatres January 27, 2012. Don't forget our contest...what do the three main stars have in common? Winner will receive either an e or a print copy (thier choice) of my Master's latest, RAVEN'S KISS (yes, we know you'd rather have a Janet Evanovich book, but....like I said, it's FREE) Post your answer in the comments section, contest closes midnight, Sunday, May 15.

Well, after a week of intense posting, I must rest my paws :) Next week: More news on our fundraiser for Kids Need to Read, News on all our fave tv shows including CASTLE, DS Movie news, and more.

And dont' forget my interview with author Traci Hohenstein in conjuction with my master's article on her in Night Owl Reviews magazine next week!

It's gonna be good....

Meowingly yours,


Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Stephanie Plum and the Silver Screen! Plus a Contest!

Day three of my weeklong salute to author Janet Evanovich focuses on the screen debut of her memorable character, none other than STEPHANIE PLUM herself.

As mentioned previously, Janet sold the film rights to ONE FOR THE MONEY in 1994; finally, in April 2010,Lionsgate acquired distribution rights, and after signing on Katherine Heigl to play Stephanie, plans for the movie went into full swing.

Plot details of the movie:

Stephanie Plum (Katherine Heigl) can’t catch a break. At 30, she finds herself newly-divorced, recently laid-off, and living with her hamster in Trenton, N.J. Broke and desperate, she lands a job working for her slimy cousin and his bail bond business. In need of fast cash she latches on to his biggest case – a local cop wanted for murder who just happens to be the guy that broke her heart in high school. Stephanie gets resourceful and tough, as she is swept up in a suspenseful world of murder, deceit, with a bit of romance.

Now doens't that sound just exactly like the book? OOH, can't wait! But unfortunately we'll have to. Lionsgate has pushed back the release date of the movie from summer 2011 to January 2012. (January 27, 2012, to be exact, so mark your calendars, kitties!)

The movie also stars Jason O'Mara as Joe Morelli; Daniel Sunjata as Ranger; Sherri Shephard as Lula; and in a really inspired bit of casting, Debbie Reynolds as Grandma Mazur!

And now for the contest - what do the stars of the movie,Katherine Heigl, Jason O'Mara, and Daniel Sunjata have in common? Post your guess in the comments section below and we'll draw at random from all correct answers by midnight, May 15 for a trade paperback copy of RAVEN'S KISS! (Yeah, well, it's not an Evanovich book, it's my Master's, but...it's FREE!)

Tomorrow...my interview with Janet. Short but very, very sweet.

Meowingly yours,


Tuesday, May 10, 2011


Welcome back, kitties, to the second installment of my salute to romantic suspense author JANET EVANOVICH! Another "Jersey Girl" like my Master! Wow!

As you can see from the photo, I've been busy reading Janet's Stephanie Plum series - Wow! Meow! And I know Master is eagerly looking forward to the movie starring Katherine Heigl (which, apparently, has been pushed up to 2012 - more on that later :)

Here's how Stephanie Plum was born -

After years of writing straight romance, Janet Evanovich decided she enjoyed writing the action scenes more than the racy ones and that her forte was romantic adventure novels. When her current editors weren't interested, she took some time off to formulate a plan for her future books. She knew one thing: her books would have a comedic element to them. She also decided to model her writing style after a tried and true formula: the TV sitcom. After watching the movie, MIDNIGHT RUN, Janet thought of a unique profession for her new character: Bounty hunter. To that end, she began researching what a bond enforcement agent did, as well as the City of Trenton, NJ, which would be the setting for her new series.

In 1994 the initial adventure of lingerie clerk turned bountyhunter Stephanie Plum , ONE FOR THE MONEY, debuted to very good reviews. In its initial weeks it was named a New York Times notable book, a PUblishers Weekly Best Book of 1994 and a USA Today Best Bet - quite an accomplishment! The sixth book in the series, HOT SIX, was the first of her novels to reach #1 on the NY Times Bestseller list! Subsequent Plum novels have debuted at #1 (as well they should, meow)

Stephanie, by JE's own admission, has many of the author's attributes (both have owned a hamster - ok, it's not a cat, but...) The character of Grandma Mazur is loosely based on relatives of JE's. A role model, perhaps? Hey, who wouldn't want a gun-toting granny!

Tomorrow...Stephanie arrives on the Silver Screen!

Meow, kitties. And don't forget, our KNTR fundraiser continues all this month!

Meowingly yours,



Monday, May 9, 2011

Happy Monday - Day One of Rocco's Salute to...JANET EVANOVICH!

Happy Monday, kitties! Hope y'all had a nice Mother's Day. My master didnt' seem too appreciative of the mouse I left on her pillow - although once the screaming died down she did realize it was rubber....

Today begins my weeklong salute to one of my very favorite authors...JANET EVANOVICH! As you can tell, I've been boning up for my interview w/Janet later this week!

Thought I'd start out by giving you a brief history of Janet's writing career (and once again, info courtesy of my favorite source, Wikipedia):

Firstoff, Janet, like her character Stephanie Plum (and my Master!) is a real Jersey girl! Born in South River, NJ! Janet attended Douglass College and got a degree in art. She began writing novels after she married and had children, and after signing with a temp agency, sold her first novel - a category romance.

Janet wrote in that genre for several years, first in the Second Chance Love category under the pen name of Steffie Hall, and later for Bantam Loveswept under her own name. Working in this genre helped her learn to create likeable characters and dashing leading men - she also became known for the streak of humor that even today permeates her novels. During this time, she discovered she liked writing action scenes rather than straight romance.

And so was born....STEPHANIE PLUM.

Tomorrow - how the Plum series came to be!

and lest we forget - our KIDS NEED TO READ fundraiser continues all this month!

Until tomorrow

Meowingly yours,



Saturday, May 7, 2011


Rocco here - reminding y'all to visit Paromantasy, where my master has "taken over" - there's a FIVE FANG REVIEW OF RAVEN'S KISS! as well as news on the KNTR fundraiser, and a giveaway!

Here's the link: www.paromanasy.com

Don't forget - my interview with JANET EVANOVICH coming up this week!

Meowingly yours,


Friday, May 6, 2011



Time for us to celebrate a national treasure - NATIONAL PET WEEK! May 1-7! (Yes, Virginia, there is such a thing!) A week for you humans to honor us, your pets, your loyal companions, compadres, partners in crime!

visit the official website: http://www.petweek.org/

This site has lots of cool information, including tips on finding a vet! I, of course, was most interested in the FIVE TOP FELINE FACTS - which I'll share below:

•There are 10 million more cats owned in America than dogs. (HAH - I LOVE THIS ONE)
•Cats are less than half as likely to be seen by a veterinarian and receive healthcare.
•There are "cat-friendly" practices that focus on making trips to the veterinarian less stressful for your cat.
•Cats CAN be trained. (Heck, I knew that :)
•Maine, Vermont, Oregon, Idaho and Washington have the highest percentage of cat-owning households.

and in case you want to know more about us felines, here are some other cool sites:


The Catalyst Council's vision is to raise the level of care and welfare of cats by cat owners – one that any owner will embrace through the human-animal bond and can achieve – supported by the highest quality veterinary care, preventative medicine, and cat specific products.

Both sites contain many helpful tips on preserving your favorite feline's health and well being! It is a MUST VISIT for any dedicated cat owner/lover!

In other news, SMOKY THE CAT made the Guiness book of world records for having the world's loudest purr....hmmmm.....have they heard mine???????

Apparently Old Smoke is as loud as a lawnmower. Hails from Jolly Old England!
Read about Smoky here:


and there's a video here:


Well, kitties, enjoy the reading and the weekend! Dont' forget, next week we have more on our favorite topics, an update on our KIDS NEED TO READ fundraiser, and....(drum roll) our JANET EVANOVICH INTERVIEW!!!!!!

And now I'm off to friend Smokey on Facebook :)

Meowingly yours,


Thursday, May 5, 2011

Didja Miss Me? Well, I'm Back!

didja miss me? Didja? well, my paws were sore from so much typing I took a little break :)
but I'm back, baby - better than ever!

firstoff: there is a great review of master's new book, Raven's Kiss, over at Pretty Opinionated.

You can find the review at: http://www.prettyopinionated.com/2011/05/book-review-ravens-kiss/

So read and enjoy!

Also, a big shout out to Belinda at THE BOOKISH SNOB for shamelessly plugging our fundraiser for KIDS NEED TO READ. Yanno, even if you don't want to buy a book there are other ways to support this great charity! they love donations of actual YA books too! Just a thought :)

You can read Belinda's post here: http://thebookishsnob.blogspot.com/

A reminder that Next week we will have our interview with author JANET EVANOVICH! OOH, I can't wait :)
Week of May 16: Traci Hohenstein, indie author of BURN OUT
and finally, week of May 23, Part 1 of our interview with STRANGE NEIGHBORS author Ashlyn Chase!

So mark your calendars, kitties!
Tomorrow I will expostulate on BKTAW - Be Kind to Animals Week!

Meowingly yours,