Tuesday, March 26, 2024

Chazz reviews Black Cat and the Accidental Angel

 Merow! Chazz here!  I'm on my second review already, wow! ROCCO is really throwing me into the hot seat!

the book I'm reviewing today is BLACK CAT AND THE ACCIDENTAL ANGEL.

This is part of a series written by Elaine Faber. The main characters are Black Cat aka Thumper and his main squeeze, Noe-Noe. As he story opens Thumper and Noe Noe are returning home with their humans from a vacation.  A traffic incident finds one of the humans rushed to the hospital and the cats abandoned.  Thumper wakes up with amnesia, and his companion, NoeNoe promises to take care of him. "Call me your angel," she says.  And so NoeNoe becomes an Angel...accidentally.

As the cats struggle to find their way home, they end up being taken in by a farmer, John, and his daughter Cindy.  It seems that they face foreclosure on their family farm, and also someone has been playing pranks that threaten Cindy.  Thumper (renamed Black Cat by Cindy) and Angel immediaely set out to help the duo, a move that ultimately puts Angel's life at risk.

This book isn't as much a mystery as it is a tale of faith and redemption.  I won't share the ending- you'll have to read it for yourself - but those who believe in happy endings will love it. I'd have a box of Kleenex on hand while reading this book, and it did whet my appetite for reading the others in the series!

I would give this book a resounding five paws!


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Elaine Faber

Elk Grove Publications/Trade Paperback

Five Paws!

Friday, March 15, 2024


 ROCCO here!  I'd like to introduce everyone to my protegee, Chazz! Chazz will be helping out doing reviews and other things with the blog, so please give him a warm welcome!  His first assignemnt was reviewing Laura Child's latest Tea Shop mystery, MURDER IN THE TEA LEAVES!



A Tea Shop Mystery

Laura Childs

Hardcover/Berkley Prime Crime

Release date: March 5, 2024

Rating: Five Paws!

When Theodosia Browning reads the tea leaves on the set of the movie, Dark Fortunes, things go from spooky to worse. Lights are dimmed, the camera rolls, and red hot sparks fly as the film’s director is murdered in a tricky electrical accident.

Or was it an accident? Though the cast and crew are stunned beyond belief, nobody admits to seeing a thing. And when Theodosia’s friend, Delaine, becomes the prime suspect, Theodosia begins her own shadow investigation. But who among this Hollywood cast and crew had murder on their mind? The screenwriter is a self-centered pot head, the leading actress is trying to wiggle out of her contract, the brand new director seems indifferent, and nobody trusts the slippery-when-dry Hollywood agent.

Between hosting a Breakfast at Tiffany’s Tea, a Poetry Tea, and trying to launch her own chocolate line, Theodosia doggedly hunts down clues and explores the seemingly haunted Brittlebank Manor where the murder took place. And just when she’s ready to pounce, a Charleston Film Board member is also murdered, throwing everything into total disarray. But this clever killer will go to any lengths to hide his misdeeds as Theodosia soon finds out when she and her tea sommelier, Drayton, get caught up in a dangerous stakeout.

Hello everyone! I'm Chazz and I'm jazzed for Laura Child's latest book to be my very first review!   I have to admit, Im very much behind on this series, but after pawing thru this one, I've got to start form book one!  The book was excellently plotted and the characters vivid.  Laura Childs has a way of making her murders quite unusual and this was no exception. I liked the way Theodosia immediately stuck up for her friend Delaine and determined to clear her name. (Although i did think Delaine was a bit  much!  She's lucky Theo is her friend.)  the book combines cozy with thriller, another of my favorite genres, so suffice it to say I'm hooked!  I look forward to reading  more of Ms Child's books (and cat-ching up on the ones I've missed!)

ROCCO;  Yes, this one is a definite winner.  What Hollywood cast and crew hasn't thought about murdeirng thier director LOL. As usual, Theodosia noses around until the killer finally makes a move.  I'm only hoping boyfiriend Reilly can stick with her - they seem a good match!  (Unless you consider Drayton, her sidekick.)  One thing: I'd give Hayley a bit more to do other than cook!  And maybe add a cat......

Both Chazz and I give this a resounding five paws up


Laura Childs will give a signed copy away to one lucky commenter! Just leave your name and email addy in our comments section and tell us who your favorite Tea Shop character is!  Chazz will select the winner!  Contest closes midnight, Friday March 22. US residents only please. 

Monday, March 4, 2024

ROCCO introduces Chazz!

 Hello Folks! ROCCO here!

As some of you know, I've been blogging here since 2008!  Im no spring chicken anymore, so the human and I decided it was time for  me to train a protegee!  and here he is!

Meet Chazz!

Chazz is a senior boy (though not as senior as myself) He will be 9 years young this September.  He is a rescue cat. He was rescued from a house that had 83 other cats living in it!  Chazz has a few health issues but overall is in remarkable shape!  He is a loving, affectionate kitty who enjoys a good chin rub and a good book!  

I hope that you all will give him a warm welcome! I look forward to sharing my knowledge with Chazz!