Tuesday, November 10, 2015

ROCCO goes to the dogs!


ROCCO here!  As many of you know, I am also a cozy mystery reviewer for Night Owl Digital Magazine (the Human writes their monthly Suspense Column, Dark Streets).  I love to read and review other author's cozies, in between advising the Human on our series, Nick and Nora!

I recently read the latest in the Barking Detective series by Waverly Curtis, THE SILENCE OF THE CHIHUAHUAS.  Granted the main character is a dog - and a talking one at that - but putting that aside, this is a really fun series!

IN this, the fifth volume in the series (if you don't count the e-novella A CHIHUAHUA IN EVERY STOCKING) aspiring PI Geri Sullivan's partner and pet Pepe has suddenly decided to stop talking, and at the most inopportune time. Not only is her best friend Brad missing, but her sister has found herself in grave danger.  Not all is lost, though, as Pepe turns out to have muy excelente blogging skills (much like moi's) and he soon puts his nose to the ground hunting for clues to help Geri solve the mysteries.

This series definitely puts a smile on your face while you are reading about the antics of Pepe and Geri. Pepe is a pup with personality - albeit maybe a little too much personality at times, but Geri is a perfect foil for him.  The mysteries sometimes take a backseat to the comic banter, but overall are well plotted and the characters are lively and appropriately quirky.  I give this instalment four paws and the series a rousing five paws up!!!!!!!!!


  1. Meow! I will be back with interviews next week!!!! Happy Thanksgiving

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