Wednesday, March 23, 2011



Master has forgiven me for my predatory instincts and I, Rocco, once again have control of the blog! (C'mon, you missed me - you know you did. Who wants to read boring posts on writing and Dancing with the Stars!) However....

one condition of my return is that Master will blog once a week on her writing,books, authors, etc. It's a rotten job but someone has to do it :)

Today, though, is MINE! And I'm calling it WACKY WEDNESDAY! A recap of recent events that can be classified as....wacky!

For example, check this out:

National Geographic launched a house with helium balloons, police found a burglar hanging over a vat of frying oil screaming, the latest rage in the UK is Mad Hatter crockery sets, and, yes, here's the best one: SEX CAN KILL YOU.

Does Pamela Anderson know????????

It's a great site for odd tidbits of news and articles - all true, supposedly. Ain't that a kick in the tail???????? that saying, truth is stranger than fiction, really applies here.

Well, first day back and I dont' want to overdo (press my luck, whatever) Master is keeping a close watch on me, so I have to behave...for awhile.

However, surfing the net I wandered onto the SciFi Saturday Night site, and noticed two great articles: One about the Firefly/Browncoat gang and a movement to get Browncoat Redemption aired onthe SyFy channel, and the other, one near and dear to my heart....A BEGINNER'S GUIDE TO DARK SHADOWS! You've got to visit and look at these, people! Especially the Dark Shadows one. the new Johnny Depp movie is just a year away - it will be here before we know it! and anyone who doens't know the history of Dark Shadows - well, this will be...enlightening, shall we say??????? A big MEOW to Maynard Winter for posting that!

And now I really must take a CAT-nap.


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