Wednesday, August 31, 2011

August's End...Rocco wants his own computer! and the meaning of Browncoat

Sad but true...this weekend signals the unofficial end of summer. I can't hardly believe it! Labor Day weekend is upon us, and the Human has already posted dibs on the new computer, so.....

I am campaigning for a computer of my very own! Why not? I am a premier blogger, after all! I think the human could get me a reconditioned laptop at the very least - one with those little sunken keys for my little kitty paws!

So, if anyone hears of any good laptop deals, please post here! ROCCO needs a computer...and I am still also campaigning for my browncoat!

And just in case there are some of you who do not know what a Browncoat is, visit this site:

You will be informed!


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