Tuesday, September 6, 2011

It's all in the accent!


Whilst flicking through the tube over this Labor Day Weekend, I happened to notice just how many British/Australian actors there are who - ahem - sound more American than Americans! So being the cool cat that I am, I've prepared a list of my favorites, so here goes:

The Sunday night special on THE GOOD WIFE is what started my kitty cells thinking: Who knew Archie Panjabi was British? Colinda sure doens't sound it on the show! LIkewise Eli Gold. His portrayer, actor Alan Cummings, is - can you believe it - Scottish!

The Mentalist's Simon Baker is Australian. Julian McMahon, of Charmed and Nip/Tuck fame, is also an Aussie.

I loved Christian Bale in Batman Begins and American Psycho - but when I heard him speak at the Golden Globes this year I nearly fell off my chair! when he's portraying Bruce Wayne there's no hint of his thick British accent.

But the big kudos go to ...drumroll please...HUGH LAURIE! Not only does he sound more American than most American's, he's got the sarcasm down pat!

So, c'mon. Who are some of your favorite non-American actors who play Americans!

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