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When I started planning my BLOGAVERSARY celebration, I knew right away who I wanted to approach for a guest blog:  the fabulous queen of vampire chick-lit, MaryJanice Davidson!  MJ graciously got on board with not only a guest post/teaser from her new UNDEAD novel, she also got on board with a fabulous giveaway for two lucky readers!

So, without further ado, in the words of the Pointer Sisters, I’m so excited to welcome back to my blog, MARYJANICE DAVIDSON!

Hello Folks!

I thought, as tribute to Rocco the author-interviewin’ ass-kickin’ cat, I’d share an excerpt from UNDEAD AND UNSTABLE, the next Betsy book, which hits shelves this June.  Although I’m a dog person, Betsy is your readers (and Rocco) are about to find out!

Rocco’s blog is the only place readers can read this UNSTABLE teaser.  I’m not sure if that’s a threat or a promise. - MaryJanice

(minor spoiler)

Giselle, Betsy’s cat, dies a relatively peaceful death in the mansion, which adds to Betsy’s already stressful to-do list.  It’s a minor spoiler, as her death is discovered within the first twenty pages of UNSTABLE.

 (‘nother minor spoiler)

Anyone who has read UNDEAD AND UNDERMINED, and/or WOLF AT THE DOOR, knows that in the new-and-hopefully-improved timeline, Jessica (Betsy’s bestie) is hugely pregnant.  (It’s always the quiet ones.)  For those who haven’t had a chance to read the latest, her pregnancy is also mentioned very very early in UNSTABLE.

* * *

“What are you talking about, she’s dead?”
“Betsy, I’ve got a zillion things to do what with creating life and all, so could you pay attention when I talk?  Did you not see my lips moving?”
We stared down at the body with more than a little surprise.  “What happened?”
“No idea.  I was headed to the basement and I almost tripped over the body.”  Jessica patted her gigantic belly.  Like the stairway wasn’t dusty and dark and claustrophobic enough without The Fetus of the Darned hogging her stomach, and also most of the stairwell.  “I could have broken my neck!  Do you know what a fall could have done to me at this stage of my pregnancy?”
Nothing.  Nothing at all; the Michelin Man had less padding.  I didn’t say anything, though.  I wasn’t ever going to be lauded for my genius, but that didn’t mean I was an utter dumbass.
This is going to sound terrible (even for me), but you know that series Game of Thrones?  I guess the show did so well that now there are books about the Game of Thrones.  Or maybe the books came first—I dunno.  I quit reading fantasy before I was voting age.  There was just too much of “I shall draw the mystical sword of Eldenwurst, thus named Soulsucker, and with mine eldritch blade will smite all enemies of the fey but fear not, all ye who tremble before Soulsucker, I shall rule with a just hand and also the Council of Geeks, now ye and ye, bring me fifty virgins and lots of mead”.  Those books lose me right around chapter two.  Anyway, I’d never read the books, but the show was pretty cool, and I got hooked on it.
I’m bringing this up because in the first season of Game of Thrones, the unborn baby of one of the main characters was called The Stallion Who Mounted The World, a scary yet cool nickname. Jessica was sporting The Belly That Ate The World.  She claimed she wasn’t due until summer, but I had my doubts.  She was just...gigantic.  Gah:  twins?  Triplets?  Just what this place needed, three pissed off newborns continually crying and pooping.
“I’m glad you didn’t trip.”  I sighed and glanced back down at the dead cat.  “She’s looked better.”  An understatement.  Giselle didn’t look like she was sleeping; dead bodies never looked like they were sleeping. 
And Giselle, the cat who’d gotten me into this whole vampire queen mess in the first place, was most definitely not sleeping.  Her eyes were cloudy slits.  Her mouth was frozen, half-open, and she was thin, but not dangerously so...she’d always been scrawny.  And she was old...I’d had her for over ten years.  She just showed up one day and refused to leave, so I got in the habit of feeding and sheltering her.  I guess that’s how babies and roommates show up, too.  You feed ‘em and they just never leave.
For ten years we pretended the other one didn’t exist.  Our only interactions were during meal times.  (Hers.  Not mine.)  And since I’d moved us into the mansion way back when, plenty of other people were happy to take over the chore.  The mansion was so big, my pet (except I’d never really had that warm connection to her, and you couldn’t say I was her pet, either:  see above, lack of connection) and I would go days without seeing each other, which suited us both.
I’d been killed the first time trying to coax Giselle into coming out of bad weather.  I wasn’t paying attention during the snowstorm while I coaxed, and got creamed by a Pontiac Aztec.  Giselle, natch, scampered off without a scratch.  She was the only mammal in my life that found my resurrection boring.
Now here I was, looking down at her skinny dead body and realizing I had one more task to finish before I could consider all my pet responsibilities fulfilled.
“Are there shovels in the shed?”
“There are?  Really?”  What terrible news; I couldn’t pull the old ‘I can’t do this unpleasant chore even though I really want to because we don’t have the right equipment’ ploy. 
Giselle, you insensitive jerk, you couldn’t have done this a month ago?  Or a month later?  You gotta do it now, while fate and/or karma is really piling it on, and Jessica wouldn’t have pedicures with me, and we’d burned out the motor on one of the smoothie blenders?  Typical cat:  not one thought for how her death would inconvenience me.  Andrew Vachss, the best noir-ey writer in the history of the genre, called cats the lap dancers of the animal world.  Give them attention, they’re there.  Stop, they’re outta there.
Well, she was outta here, all right.
“Next time,” I announced, “I’m getting a dog.”
Jessica snorted.  She knew that was a lie.  She knew why it was a lie, too, but was too nice to call me on it just then.  “If memory serves, you didn’t exactly get Giselle.”
“Your memory serves.”  I bent and gingerly picked up the body, then held it at arm’s length like a luau platter.  “Yuck.”
“Oh, will you suck it up?  You’ve seen how many hideously mangled dead vampires, never mind mangled regular people (who were bad, but still mangled), and friends have been shot in front of you and/or killed themselves in your house, been to Hell and back (literally!) but you’re squicking out over a cat?  That cat?  Hey, I just said suck to a vampire.”  Weirdly, that seemed to please her.  “That’s all you’ve been doing lately, complaining about how awful it is to be white and pretty and married to the hottest guy in the state of Minnesota.  Pardon me while I waaaaaaaah.”
I gave her a look, but decided not to shove her down the stairs.  She’s creating life, she’s creating life.  Oh, and she stuck with me when I came back from the dead.  Also: creating life.  “Can you go grab me an old sheet or pillowcase or something?”
“Sure.”  My hugely pregnant pal was looking right at me, her brown eyes thoughtful.  Since she was a couple of steps above, I started to get scared.  If she tripped, she’d kill us both.  “Sorry about this, Betsy.  And sorry about a couple of seconds ago.  My back feels like someone’s resting a set of barbells on it, and the barbells are on fire.  It’s not doing much for my mood.  And, you know...”  She let out such a gusty sigh, I wondered if she’d float off the stairs like Mary Poppins.  “The random deaths and stuff.”
I waved it away, all of it, along with my fears of being squashed to death by a pregnant woman while clutching the dead body of my cat and fretting over my lack of pedicures.  “Par for the corpse.  Whoa.  At least that didn’t come off as a Freudian slip or anything.”  Had I said that?  Had I really?
She giggled, thank God, then turned and started climbing the stairs again.  Non-pregnant Jessica was rail-thin and favored nail polish in colors like Day Glo Orange or Aged Chartreuse (which, in case you’re wondering, looks like vomit dried on a nail bed).  Pregnant Jessica was not rail thin.  At all.  Quite the opposite of rail thin.  What would that be, bovine fat?  And she was avoiding all the chemicals she could.  All of ‘em!  Which was only impossible. 
So among other things, she wouldn’t go near a salon, (or sushi, of all eighty-zillion Japanese women didn’t eat sushi when they were knocked up?), which was a personal disaster for me.  She was using all natural deodorant (the kind that didn’t work), natural hair product (the kind that make her look like a pissed-off Rastafarian), and when I gently suggested a fetal-friendly salon massage, she slammed the door in my face (so to speak).  All of this to say: this sucks.  Who goes to a salon alone?  Big-time boring.
I followed her up the stairs, lugging my dead cat.  If I was smarter, or nicer, I’d think something like, It’s sad that the cat keeled over, but Jessica’s baby will be born soon and out of death comes life, a full circle of life, hakuna matata and suchlike. 
But I’m not smart, or nice, so what I thought was:  And the hits, they keep on coming.  Nobody ever considers my feelings when they decide to keel over and die on the basement stairs.  And the second I’m confronted with an evil poopie diaper, I’m going to go right out of my teeny tiny mind.
Still:  if our situations were reversed, I’d want Giselle to bury me.  Wait.  I absolutely wouldn’t, since half the time I had no idea if I was dead-for-real and could wake up screaming on an autopsy table or, worse, sleep through Macy’s annual shoe sale, so I wouldn’t trust a cat to know, either.  Hell, coroners sometimes couldn’t tell.  I actually knew that for a fact; it was a horrible thing to know for a fact: at least two certified medical examiners hadn’t been able to tell if I was dead.
Besides, our situations weren’t reversed.  And I could whine and bitch until the sun rose and set and rose again, and it’d still be my responsibility. 
            I was not a dog person.  I wasn’t a cat person, either.  I was a Betsy person.  And believe me: taking care of myself, feeding and clothing myself and putting a roof over my head, keeping myself from being killed (again) and out of divorce court was enough of a challenge without throwing domestic animals into the mix.  Or wild ones, even.

So after Jessica got me a yellowed pillowcase, I stuffed Giselle into it and out I went, into the deep November cold, searching for some meaning in all the crazy crap that had been happening since Giselle got me killed a few years ago.  And I was also searching for a shovel.  And after this yuck-o errand, I would be searching for a booze smoothie.
Ah, the glamorous life of a vampire queen.

PURR….MJ, thank you SO much for this EXCLUSIVE teaser! (Even though Giselle, one of my favorite characters, bites the big one).  I know all my followers and your fans are purring too, with excitement.  I cannot wait for the next BETSY novel, UNDEAD AND UNSTABLE, out in June 2012.  And purrhaps we will have another interview beforehand – maybe with MJ, or possibly even Betsy or Sinklair, who knows? (although I’ve always been partial to Jessica and Marc, myself…)

THE HUMAN is already trying to make a Whiskey Smoothie….

Anyway, Keep up with MJ’s latest news on her website:

Anyway, people, now it’s time for…the giveaway(s)!  (PLURAL! ta-dah!)

Not one, but Two lucky readers will win their choice of  WOLF AT THE DOOR or DERIK'S BANE.  All you have to do to enter is leave a comment in the comments section of this blog, along with your email address.  Plus (and this is important) also please specify which book you would like to win.  If you want a chance to win both, tell us! YOU CAN ENTER BOTH DRAWINGS. Any entry not specifying a book title will be disqualified.

For extra entries, you can do any of the following:

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Be sure to mention all you’ve done in your comment so we know how many entries to give you. Contest closes Midnight, January 29th, winners will be chosen at random using on January 30th!

What are you waiting for! Get busy!  And thank you to MJ and her marvelous assistant Tracey for their time and generosity with the giveaways!

And don’t forget…my store giveaway is Monday.  I shall ask a question purrtaining to one of the Blogaversary posts. All correct answers will be accumulated and the winner chosen by!  The winner will win their choice of a t-shirt, mug, or waterbottle from my CafePress store! (with my handsome picture on it…of course)
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And kicking off the February portion of BLOGAVERSARY:  Guest post and giveaway from Ashlyn Chase!




  1. Hey Rocco, I so like to get both books but if I have to choose I take the wolf at the door as I just recently read Derik's Bane. But then to have is to hold and to read and re-read, so put me down for both. Can't wait to read the new Betsy book and if I get a hold of them all MJ's creations on paper. Been friends with Tracy for a while now, like MJ anyway, like you too. Thanks for your blog previews on my fb page. I just shared this page on my side, but I am not that twittery kind of girl. Sorry... Love cats and books and you can contact me on or on

  2. would love to win Wolf at the Door.

    Now that that's out of the way...I've been looking forward to your blog, MJ, and you didn't disappoint. In fact, you delighted. Loved the excerpt. Classic Betsy.

    I just revived an old blog that you might enjoy if you're not too busy thinking up more stuff for Betsy to deal with...or you might even get
    a few ideas from my readers. It's a cheeky advice column called Ask Ash. Rocco might enjoy it too, although so far, I've received no cat letters.

    Like I said, it's new again, and I only have 2 followers, so don't laugh at how pathetic that is. Just know I'm good at what I do, and as word spreads, it'll catch on.

    Wolf at the door.
    Entries: 4 ; FB share, friend the human, friend you, mj friend
    Love MJ and Q.Betsy books.... My only problem is I read her books within a couple of days..., it leaves me waiting for more ;) !

  4. Well, Rocco,I have to say that when I first read 'Undead and Unwed', when Betsy bought it I called my niece and asked,"What happens to her cat?!"LOL! I know MJ has caught grief from other cat-people because she forgets to let us know what's going on with Giselle, so now both she and the cat are at rest..(but it's not a pretty picture, MJ! Leave it to you!)
    I just dropped my pennies on Wolf at the Door, so put me down for Derik's Bane,so I can re-read it and hook others!
    I alread follow Rocco and MJ and have no idea why I haven't 'friended' Toni, but I certainly will.

  5. Another great post Rocco. Mary is a new author for me, but have heard great things about her books. I would love to win either book, will have to go out and get the previous books from the series though. I love to start series from the beginning. Thanks for the chance to win. This is definately add to my must buy and must read list.

  6. Love!! Great post ROCCO & MJ. :). Thanks so much for sharing....
    Head butts & catnip,

  7. i would love to win WOLF AT THE DOOR!! thanks for the chance to win.. i have to admit im dying for more books about those wolves!! never know what trouble they will get in to next! (and poor kitty)

    (i follow all 3 on facebook for +3)

    alainala AT hotmail DOT ca

  8. I'd love Wolf At the Door!

  9. I would love a chance to win WOLF AT THE DOOR so thanks for offering the contest. My cats will be purring on my lap (all 3 of them) as I curl up reading it! sdylion(at)gmail(dot)com

  10. would love to win Wolf at the Door or Derik's Bane! :)

    Love the excerpt. Love Betsy!

  11. Rocco, I found you through MJD's blog, and now I'm probably going to be spending time wandering through your posts instead of working. Not sure if I should thank you for that or not.

    Please enter me in the drawing for WOLF AT THE DOOR. It's weird, but for Betsy, I never read the print but let the amazing Nancy Wu perform the audio book for me; yet for MJD's wolves, I've never even looked to see if there ARE audio books available.

    BevLQB at gmail dot com

  12. Thank you and congratulations on this gig!

  13. Welcome Bev, and have fun wandering...I'm a very prolific cat!
    SdyLion, 3 cats on your lap! Yow! The HUMAN says one of me is more than enough PURRRRR
    MIchelle - Head butts back!

    and a big HELLO to all our postees!

  14. I am sooo looking forward to some new Betsy!!!!! Please enter me for Wolf At the Door

  15. Love the spoiler on undead and unstable, have just finished Undead & Undermined so now I'm waiting for undead and unstable to come out. LOVE your books they are fantastic have nearly all of them.
    Can you please enter me for Wolf at the door book.
    Thank you

  16. Hey Rocco! Love your post about MJ and her new book. Anything Betsy is fun in my book! I would love to enter your contest and would like to win WOLF AT THE DOOR. My email is And I friended you on Facebook, freinded MJ and followed you both on Twitter!

  17. thague at

    I would love to win Derik's Bane.

    Thanks! Loved the snippet!

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