Monday, January 30, 2012


A word about charity…sometimes it just doesn’t begin at home.

Many happy meows on this most catspicious day, ROCCO!  You are a most impressive journalist.  It must be quite difficult to lower yourself to writing in English rather than Cat-latin, but you cover your disdain well.  I hope you are receiving a bounty of sardines and chicken livers from the Human in return for your writing expertise.  When are you going to release a Cat-cake calendar for your legions of fans?  We wait with “baited” breath!  All of us at Kids Need to Read look forward to gathering around the scratching post to discuss your intriguing posts.  Happy blogaversary!  –Denise Gary, co-founder and Director, KIDS NEED TO READ


Most followers of this blog know that I have a soft spot for charities that feature kids and animals – and that one of my very favorite charities is one called KIDS NEED TO READ.

When I was searching for charities, KNTR was one at the top of my list!  But I’d be lion (heh heh) if I said the fact one of my favorite all time actors, Nathan Fillion is one of the co-founders played a big decision in my “throwing my tail” behind this great charity.

The HUMAN has done some fundraisers for KNTR in 2011 – the most recent being her participation in the EVERY WITCH WAY BUT WICKED SHORT STORY ANTHOLOGY.  ALL the proceeds go to KNTR – and you can still get this book! Only .99 at Barnes and Noble and Amazon – see sidebar!

THE HUMAN and I are planning more fundraisers for KIDS in 2012 – but we know, in order for people to want to contribute, they need to know just what it is they are contributing to. So….

According to the UNLD:
·         Worldwide, one in five adults cannot read or write
·         In low-income countries, only about 61% of adults are literate
·         In high-income countries, almost 99% of adults are literate

Check out these literacy statistics:

this fundamental lack of basic skills inhibits most people from achieving success in many areas of life. Illiteracy has profound effects in the life of the person who can't read, and it also affects on the rest of society as well.

Kids Need to Read works to create a culture of reading for children by providing inspiring books to underfunded schools, libraries, and literacy programs across the United States, especially those serving disadvantaged children.

From their mission statement:
Reading – it is the single most important skill children must learn to be productive members of society. Books open their minds, inspire their imaginations and stimulate their intelligence. As budget cutbacks increase, funding for libraries is often the first thing to go, especially in failing school systems. There are great numbers of schools that have been unable to buy new books for their students to read in years. Kids Need to Read was established to fight this disaster by sending exciting new books to underfunded schools and libraries across the United States, as well as to other organizations that provide literacy support to children, particularly disadvantaged children.

As a premier interviewer and aspiring novelist, I understand the importance of knowing how to read! (and so does the HUMAN!).  So, folks, when you have a minute, check out this great charity that was founded by PJ Haarmsma, TV’s Castle, Nathan Fillion, and Denise Gary and learn a bit more about it:

There are many ways you can help them out!  And now, onto unfinished business…

Firstoff…the winners of MaryJanice Davidson’s giveaway! Our winners, chosen using are:
The winner of WOLF AT THE DOOR IS CupcakeBlonde!
The winner of Derik’s Bane is Momma!

Look for emails from MJ’s lovely assistant, Tracy detailing how to claim your prize!

And now…..what you have all been waiting for! My store contest!

One lucky winner will win their choice of a T-shirt, Mug or WaterBottle (with my handsome face on it) from my CafePress store! To enter:  simply answer the BLOGAVERSARY question below. Post your answer in the comments section of this post along with your email address.  We will choose the winner using from all correct entries!  To get extra entries, just tweet, FB, friend us…you know the drill!

My question:  What was the craziest thing author Adrienne Giordano ever did?

Good luck, people! Contest closes midnight tomorrow, January 31st. Winner will be announced Wednesday, Feb. 1st!
Also on Wednesday, kicking off the Feb portion of BLOGAVERSARY:  Post and giveaway from author ASHLYN CHASE!



  1. Hey Rocco, I'd love to win a mug with your face on it.

    is the answer cross an alligator bridge?

  2. The craziest thing she ever did was walk across an rope bridge over a gator pit. Great picture also.
    What a great giveaway.