Saturday, April 7, 2012

What's coming up in the months ahead!

Just thought I'd whett your appetite for the things we've got coming up:

Mid-April: for all you DOG lovers (and I know you're out there!)Sampson Weber, editor Kristen Weber's pug, in my hotseat!
June:  An interview with Queen Betsy Taylor, courtesy of MaryJanice Davidson!
July:  An interview with Kitty Norville creator Carrie Vaughn, and our CASTLE fanfic interview and fundraiser for Kids Need to REad!
August:  An interview with Sara Dearly, courtesy of Michelle Rowen, on the eve of the release of BLOOD BATH AND BEYOND!

At a date to be determined:  Abby Cooper, courtesy of her creator VICTORIA LAURIE, in my hotseat!

Also on deck, but dates need to be determined: Jeaniene Frost and in early 2013, Patricia Briggs!

Now if that doens't get you salivating, I can't imagine what would......

dont forget our giveaway with author Karen Duvall still going on till midnight Sunday!  Leave a comment on the previous post and you could win not one, but two books!

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