Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Two "Dark" Matters...Knight and Shadows!

Happy August everyone! Can you believe it!

A word about two “Dark” subjects: Knight and Shadows!

Firstoff, the Human saw THE DARK KNIGHT RISES and absolutely loved it. the two  hours and forty minutes flew by! Great plot, great acting – just all over great.  And even though its premiere has the pall of the tragedy in Colorado to loom over it, from all reports it was a box office success.
For followers of the comics, Catwoman’s gone back to her roots – the original Selina Kyle was an airline stewardess turned jewel thief – and Bane keeps pretty close to his comic book persona (even to his punishment and torture of the BAT!)  We won’t give away spoilers ala David Letterman, but take it from the Human – this is one summer flick you won’t want to  miss!


For those of us who weren’t especially enamoured of the new Dark Shadows movie (and, heck, even if you were!) it’s worth your while to check out the new series of DARK SHADOWS COMICS put out by Dynamite Entertainment.  Below are a few thumbnail synopsis of the first issues: (courtesy of
Issue1:   Barnabas Collins is re-adjusting to life under his vampiric curse. Haunted by terrifying dreams of his age-old lover and nemesis, Angelique, and fighting his bloodlust, Barnabas fears that danger lies ahead for all who live at Collinwood. Meanwhile, Barnabas' ally and trusted friend Dr. Julia Hoffman is harboring secrets of her own...
Issue 2:  Barnabas Collins fears that another vampire is loose at Collinwood, while his friend Dr. Julia Hoffman finds herself in the thrall of a sinister force. As a seance is held to contact a restless spirit, Quentin Collins finds himself drawn into a dangerous mission to restore an ancient force to life.
Issue 3: There's trouble ahead for vampire Barnabas Collins as the vengeful spirit of his eternal nemesis Angelique continues to make her presence felt. What links the mysterious statue in the woods to the Collins family, and who among them can Barnabas trust?

Sound enticing? We’re all the way up to issue 6, now, out this month, here’s a glimpse of the cover:

And a brief teaser: The arrival of a stranger in the town of Collinsport leaves Barnabas Collins facing exposure, forcing him to take drastic action. What is contained in the new arrival's luggage that can see into the souls of innocent men, and how much longer can Barnabas keep his vampire nature a secret?

Quite honestly, the comic plots sound more enticing than the movie (sorry, Johnny! L) We’ve found the first five to be highly entertaining – loyal DS fans might want to give them a whirl – extra note, they’ve also drawn the characters to resemble the soap actors – so Barnabas is pictured as our beloved Jonathan Frid (RIP, Jon!)

You can find out more about the Dark Shadows comics and Number 6 here:

Plus there is a great article on them in Wikipedia:

Check them, and the DS line out – I think you’ll be pleasantly surprised!

OK, then...I'm getting ready for my interview next week with Sarah Dearly, the star of Michelle Rowen's paranormal mystery, BLOOD BATH AND BEYOND!  This book is out next Tuesday and kitties, it's one you won't want to miss, regardless of whether or not you are an "Immortality Bites" fan!

Got to go put some "bite" in my interview....

Be good! Meow!


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