Monday, October 1, 2012

ROCCO's October Pet of the Month!

The October honors go to Tonette Skube's handsome cat, Oranges.  (Yes, we said oranges!)  A mighty handsome fellow indeed - reminds me of my own brother Maxx.

 Let's hear it for Oranges!

the winner of our Penny Warner giveaway is Chrisbails!
Congrats! Watch for an email from Penny to claim your prize!

Tomorrow:  Sheila Boneham in my hotseat!
Coming up: Vicki Lewis Thompson!  Me-OW!


  1. Thanks,Rocco and Human! Oranges is THE mellowest kitty you ever want to meet.He readily opened his home to a newcomer-cat couple of years ago and has an affectionate relationship with the gentle-giant of a dog who lives here. Oranges was named by a hungry 4-year old whose favorite fruit guessed it!

  2. Beautiful cat. Thanks for choosing me. Very excited to check out this book.