Friday, March 8, 2013

March Pet of the Month and other news!

Herro, kitties!

Hope you are enjoying our Kari Lee guest post, as well as all the great interviews from February!

Once again, it is time for my Pet of the Month! and the winner is:

Layla Saul!  Her proud human is Frank Saul! And a beauty she is - (for a dog, heh heh)  That is her sister Lola in the background.  What lucky canines indeed, living the life of Reilly with their master (newly retired..he's a lucky dog himself, heh heh)

As part of my campaign to find homes for the homeless, we will be presenting at least once a month (possibly more) cats and dogs that are up for adoption at our local shelter here in Clifton, NJ, so watch for those!

Next week...Gayle Trent visits!


Incredible blogging Cat

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  1. You found another nice friend! And I am so proud of you for looking for homes for those who are not as lucky as you. All of our furry family members were foundlings.They make THE best pets.They seem grateful!
    Bless your generous little heart!