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Time for our annual KIDS NEED TO READ fundraiser!  And to kick it off, I've prepared a lovely fanfiction post from none other than Nathan Fillion's alter ego, the very ruggedly handsome....RICHARD CASTLE!

If Castle could prepare an introductory post, I'm certain it would go something like this....

Hello, Everyone! Richard Castle here!  and a big shout out to ROCCO for having me!

Whew!  It’s been quite a summer so far, as I work on my latest novel and wait for Kate’s answer to my momentous question (don’t worry…all will be revealed in September!) but I simply had to take time out to say a few words about my good friend Nathan Fillion’s charity, Kids Need to Read!
KNTR works to create a culture of reading for children by providing inspiring books to underfunded schools, libraries, and literacy programs across the United States, especially those serving disadvantaged children.  And as a ruggedly handsome bestselling author, I know just how important reading is!
Reading inspires confidence, bridges the differences between people, and forms a fundamental stepping stone to better communication skills – in fact, it may be the single most important skill a child can develop to become a productive member of society.  Books open children’s mind to a world of possibility while at the same time stimulating their intellect, imagination and intelligence.  It’s a sad thing, but when budget cuts impact our school system, the first thing usually cut is the libraries, often leaving schools without the necessary funds to buy new books.  This is where KIDS NEED TO READ comes in.
KNTR was established to help provide exciting new books to underfunded libraries, school systems and independent literacy programs.  In addition, KNTR aspires to make an impact on childhood literacy by actively getting children excited about reading.  Remember the shot in the arm the Harry Potter series gave books only a few short years ago?  KNTR aims to have the same effect.  Their literacy donation list is carefully reviewed to provide high-quality books that will stimulate the imagination and engage the mind.
KNTR was founded in 2008 by PJ Haarsma, Denise Gary, and my pal Nathan Fillion.  Just like the children they help, KNTR has big dreams for the future. These include advanced reading programs and groundbreaking initiatives like their flagship READING REVOLUTION.  Developed in partnership with Arizona State University and ASU Prepatory Academy, Reading Revolution delivers a wonderfully enhanced curriculum to the middle school children it serves. Through RR, KNTR actively illustrates to children and adolescents the hows and whys of a skill they may heretofore have had little or no interest in.  This engaging program inspires students with thoughts of a brighter tomorrow.
You can learn more about KNTR, it’s programs, history and mission statement at:

Tomorrow, ROCCO will post the link to the Ebay auction where several FIREFLY goodies are up for grabs.  I do sincerely hope you will take the time to support my good friend Nathan Fillion’s fine charity!

See you in September!

Richard Castle

So, Kitties….if Castle were to write an introduction, I think that’s pretty much how he’d do it!  Do you agree?
Come back tomorrow when the links to our “Firefly/KNTR” auction for KNTR will be posted here.  You can also check Facebook, the Human’s home page, KNTR’s homepage, and the KNTR website for the link!
Happy Bidding!

Be back on July 29 with…Kate Collins!


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  1. Very fun blog from a ruggedly handsome bestselling author. :) And I'm all for kids reading! I'll look forward to the auction links tomorrow.