Saturday, January 24, 2015

Kicking off Blogaversary...ROCCO's very special guest....PRINCESS FUZZYPANTS!

My Special Guest Today-


I am SO pleased to welcome my very special guest to the blog: Facebooks’ own Princess Fuzzypants!  She’s taken FB by storm and she’ll steal your heart too!

A bit about the Princess:

I am two years and four months old and am a Classic Red Tabby Maine Coon.  That is unusual for a girl and a Maine Coon.  While the mating of my parents gave meow my beautiful colouring, it also gave meow hip dysplasia. Oddly, this ensured that I was able to adopt my family.

My sister, Sammi, mom's first kitty, died suddenly at the end of November 2012. My whole family was devasted, especially mom.  Sammi didn't want to leave but she made sure that everypawdy was ok.  Mom never would have looked in Kijiji if Sammi hadn't made her and there she found meow, looking right back at her with one paw raised.

What made this even more unusual is Mom has volunteered at the Humane Society since 1998 and she has bugged my daddy about all sorts of kitties she wanted to adopt.  Giggle.  When Sammi left for the Bridge, there was not one kitty whom Momma wanted to adopt badly for maybe the very first time.

Momma contacted the lady who bred meow and despite lots of other people saying they wanted meow, she chose Momma.  Then they did an x-ray and discovered my hip dysplasia.  The lady was devasted.  She said she would understand if Momma backed out.  She said I was the first kitten who had the problem.

Instead of backing out, Momma said it made her happier to give meow a good home.  I would be an only kitty and I would be given all the comforts and if my hips got worse, I would have a family who would take care of meow.  It made her feel less guilty that she didn't adopt any of the shelter kitties.

Mommy, Daddy and my brother picked meow up on December 13, 2012, my gotcha day.  I have had them wrapped around my paws ever since.

When Momma retired, I decided that to start a Facebook page.  I wanted to meet other kitties and humans who love animals.  I wanted to help homeless animals find their furever homes.  I wanted to give humans and animals a smile and make them happy.

I wanted to share with others.

On New Year's Eve, Facebook deleted my page.  My crime was being a kitty.  Pfft,

Neither Momma or meow believe in giving up so I borrowed her page, which she never used, to get the word out.  I also started a Community Page

so that my furriends and I could share and not be harassed by trolls.  It is only a week since it started but I have connected with so many old furriends and made so many new ones, I cannot stop purring.  It only proves what we already know:  never quit and never surrender.

Purr, trill, coo, warble and chirp.

Rocco here! The minute I looked over my human’s shoulder and saw posts on FB from the captivating PRINCESS FUZZYPANTS, I knew I wanted to have her as a guest on my blog!  The Princess is a beautiful long haired tabby who has captured the hearts of all her FB followers, moi included!  Might be worth a trek to Canada just to meet this fabulous feline!

However, (sigh) in the meantime I shall have to adore – and interview – her from afar!

R: Welcome,Princess! Now,for all our interested readers out there – particularly the feline ones  – describe a typical day in your life.

Princess: Thank you, ROOCCO! A typical day for meow starts early.  I usually sleep right on top of my mom so it's purrty easy to nudge her awake.  If she and my daddy are slowpokes, I will demand that they get up.

All meals have an order of importance.  Kitties get fed first and I love my dollop of stinky goodness(Fancy Feast) that mom puts on top of my Maine Coon kibble.  I usually chat with everypawdy and demand some play time as well as the tap turned on so I can drink.  I do not drink out of a bowl.  Yuck!  I want fresh water from the tap. After everything is cleaned up, I position myself in the sink to purrform my sink lion duties.  If they are slow in clearing up, I will voice my concerns.  I also like to announce when I have made a deposit in the bank of Missi (my real name).  I like everything to be just so.

I am quite vocal and I am around my people most of the time. I follow Momma around the house.  If for some reason I lose track of my humans, all I have to do is yowl and someone will answer meow

I love looking out the windows both front and back although it's better when it's not winter.  There is so much more to see.  I had all sorts of toys and while I am quite prepared to play by myself, I do purrfur interactive play.  I like to run around the house but everypawdy is careful that I do not injure my hips.

Naps and cuddles are an important part of my day.  It is usually  the afternoon nap in which I will curl up with mom and we will read books, do reviews and catch up on our correspondence.

Momma is an inveterate pawpawrazzi.  The camera is always at the ready.  I do furbear most of the time but confess to being less than cooperative at times.  She should not take meow for granted. (Don't mew agree, Rocco?)

After dinner, we settle down to do power watching of movies or streaming.  We love Netflicks and Amazon Prime.  I now start on my brother's lap, if he is home,  and then move to Momma's.  We have a fun routine for bed time, including Momma taking my three mousies up to her bed, having my  drink of water and my insistence for everypawdy to go to bed.

Momma will try to groom meow either when I am on her lap or when I am helping her get ready for bed.  Sometimes I like far.  Other times she calls me a stink pot.

After we have read for a while and the light is turned out, I will  settle on top of Momma and we will go to sleep while she pets and says she loves meow.

R: How did you feel about getting your on page on Facebook?

Princess: I was so excited when I got my FB page. By the time they zapped meow on New Year's Eve, I had almost 2500 furriends.  Luckily Momma had a page she never used so I could borrow it to get the word out.  Now, I have my community page-

and I am excited again.  I am getting all sorts of likes, many of my old furriends have found meow and I am meeting a ton of new kitties.   I don't know why FB doesn't like kitties when all we want to do is entertain and make people happy.

R: Tell us about some of the books you and your human Susan have read recently. What ones stand out?

Princess: Momma and I have read books together since our first days but since Momma retired, we do it lots.  My favourite books, of course, are the ones with kitties.  I loved your book, MEOW IF IT'S MURDER.  I am particularly fond of cat mysteries with strong feline characters so I love mew and Hamlet in the Bookshop Mysteries and Diesel in the Cats in the Stacks.  I also adore Leann Sweeney's books and the Magical Kitties..  Momma first got into cat mysteries when she read the Midnight Louie series.  She then found Mrs. Murphy and then Joe Grey.  Can you say hooked?  Giggle.  (R: Sounds like my human –only she found Mrs. Murphy first and then Midnight Louie. I don’t think she has read Joe Gray, but she and your human appear to have similar tastes, meow!)

We also enjoy Clea Simon's Pru Marlowe books and thought her recent one was one of the best.  We also really liked Miranda James' spin off Bless Her Dead Little Heart.  We are big fans of Shannon Hill's Lil and Boris series and have her fifth one at the top of our  TBR list

R:  What do you love most about Susan?  Dislike most?

Princess: What do I love most about Susan? She's Momma and she adores meow.  I love how close we are and how she is comfy and warm when we snuggle.  I have her well trained so life is purrty sweet.  She is just a big softie.

What I don't like is when she goes away.  I thought this retired gig would mean she would be here with meow all the time.  Pfft.  Also when she grooms meow and we hit a snag, I don't like that or when I have to go and get my claws clipped.  

R: What’s the story behind your name?

Princess:   Princess Fuzzypants is my nickname that Momma called meow when I first arrived.  She loved my plumage and my fluffy pantaloons.  I have several other nicknames but when  we set up my page, there was no doubt what my moniker would be.

I am just surprised that some humans got the very wrong idea that it meant something else.  Yuck.

R:If you could change one thing about your human  what would it be?

Princess: What would I change about my humans?  Hmmmm.  Probably that they never would go away on powders.  I like things the way they are.

R: Your humans travel a lot – how do you amuse yourself when they are gone?

Princess: My parents do travel...a lot.  Luckily my brother stays home almost all the time and if he goes, I have a very dear furriend who moves into the house and takes care of meow.  When my parents are away, we do FaceTime.  It is weird when they are in that little box.  I can entertain myself with my toys and the world outside my windows and naps until a human comes home.  I can zoom around the house if I need some exercise.  My brother and my furriend are  almost as well trained as my mom.  I still get lots of love and attention, just not Momma.

R: Do you have a boyfriend? Would you be open to the idea of a handsome tuxedo courting you from afar?

Princess:  I do have a boyfurriend. His name is Prince Buddy Peters and he is also a very handsome tuxedo.  We travel the world together and he posts it on our pages.  Sometimes we go with furriends but we have a wonderful time.  However, I am most happy to be a special furriend with mew too Rocco. One can never have too many furriends.

R:  Just for fun…

Catnip or scratching post?  : Since I do enjoy nip but don't go bonkers, I will say Scratching post.  Nothing feels quite so good as a good scratch.

Tabbies or Tuxedos? Well, I am a tabby but I confess I do have a soft spot for Tuxedos or cats with black on them.  My sister Sammi, to whom I owe everything, was a beautiful black house panther

Fish or Steak?  Hmm- maybe I should put this as something I would change.  My daddy insists that I eat only cat food so I have never tasted either in the people food arena.  However, the way my daddy makes a steak, I think I would choose that.  Mind mew, he makes good fishy smells too.

Shakespeare or Stephen King?: While we both love the classics and histories, I would probably choose Stephen King.  Nothing better than curling up together and reading something that grips mew.  It gives us an excuse to cuddle closer.  Giggle.

Thank you for a wonderful interview, Princess!

Folks, the Princess will be guest blogging occasionally for meow over the year!  PURRRRRRR

If you haven’t liked her page, you can do so here:

Princess is right – one can never have too many furrends!


  1. My what beautiful fur the Princess has! You are one lucky little girl to have people who love you so much.
    Looks like you found a kindred spirit, Rocco...happy anniversary!
    (I love the new questions tailor-made for felines!)

  2. A cute and heartwarming story. An excellent interview, and, Happy Anniversary, Rocco. 🎉🎉🎉🎉🎉