Friday, April 10, 2015

Say Hello to ANGUS! From Wicked Stitch by Amanda Lee!

My guest today is Angus O’Ruff from WICKED STITCH!
Angus is one cute pooch, no?  And he’s got something to say about Amanda Lee’s new novel!
Welcome, Angus! Meow!
Hi, Rocco!  Er-Ruff!
Angus O’Ruff here from WICKED STITCH by Amanda Lee. I have a lot to tell you about. There’s something called a Renaissance Faire coming to Tallulah Falls soon. It’s going to go on for two weeks. I overheard Marcy—my person—telling someone that she’d love to take me with her but that she’s afraid the food smells will be too exciting for me to handle. I promised it wouldn’t, and I got a “we’ll see” kinda response. You know how those are. Or maybe not…because you’re a cat, and you guys don’t tend to let anyone tell you what’s what.  You’d just go to the RenFaire and eat everything! Wouldn’t it be cool if you were as big as I am? Since you’re not, watch out for the falcon. Her name is Herodias, and she’s intimidating.
My poor Marcy is worried because Nellie Davis—that mean old lady from the aromatherapy shop—is causing trouble again. I wish Nellie and Marcy could be friends. I’d love to go snuffle all the stuff in Nellie’s shop. Anyhow, Nellie’s sister Clara has moved into the space next door to our shop, the Seven-Year Stitch, and opened up Knitted and Needled, which basically sells the same stuff Marcy sells!
One good thing about Clara moving in next door is that I’ve made a new friend. Her name is Clover, and she’s a bunny rabbit. Do you know any bunnies, Rocco? They’re great…and not just at Easter. They’re fluffy and cute, and they like to run around in circles. I like running in circles too. And when we get tired, Clover lies down between my paws. Clara doesn’t like that we’re friends. She thinks I’ll try to eat Clover. As if! What kinda guy makes a meal of his friends?
This month in preparation for the Faire, Marcy has had a big embroidery class one night a week teaching people to sew like they did during the Renaissance. So on that night, Ted—you remember Ted; he’s Marcy’s boyfriend and my guy person—and I watch ballgames and eat popcorn. We cheer whenever the Ducks do something good. Sometimes, Ted gets so excited that he upsets the popcorn bowl. I quickly clean it all up. Don’t want our Marcy coming home to a mess. I help out where I can. Also, Ted told me that he’ll take me to the RenFaire to visit Marcy (and Captain Moe) on the weekends. Captain Moe gives me hamburgers. He’s like Santa…but all year long.
So, how about you? Do you want to go to this Renaissance Faire, Rocco? I think it’ll be fun!
ROCCO:  Sure, Angus! Sign me up!

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