Friday, January 28, 2011


My human is sick of it, as am I and my fellow felines. sure, it looks pretty coming down, and before all the plowing and digging the landscape twinkles with a thousand icy stars....BUT....

Then begins the plowing....mounds and mounds and towers of snow - gee, how high can they get? the parking lot out our back windows looks like the great pyramids....and then there are the cars themselves. The ones that are cleaned out are just barely enough to get out of the space - and if you move it, and someone takes your space, where ya gonna put it? Huh?????

Depressing, really. I feel sorry for stray cats and dogs out in this weather. It makes me appreciate my nice warm home, siblings and wonderful human all the more.

there apparently is no end in sight to snow, glorious snow, so in anticipation of February, I have written the below:

White stuff drifting down

From gray skies above

How can something that looks so pretty

Cause so much trouble and strife?

Snow, glorious Snow

Falling from heaven above

Do us all a favor

And hit the Colorado Rockies instead!

Have a great weekend, everyone!

More posting next week - I've a lot planned, heh heh


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