Thursday, April 21, 2011


Who knew Johnny Depp could be so in tune with a cat? His tastes in movie characters run almost exactly parallel to mine, meow!

Note this snippet from the internet:

Depp set up a remake of the 1934 mystery/comedy The Thin Man for himself and On Stranger Tides director Rob Marshall at Warner Bros. last October. The studio put together a shortlist of screenwriters for the project, with THR recently reporting that Jerry Stahl (Permanent Midnight) won the job.
The THR report claims that the studio took their time to find a writer that would add a contemporary attitude but keep the period setting for the movie, which will follow former detective and drunkard Nick Charles and his socialite wife Nora as they solve a mystery. No start date has been revealed for the project.

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Master and I both love THE THIN MAN! And while many have tried to recreate the original 1930's classic movie series that starred William Powell and Myrna Loy, none have really succeeded. There was the 1957 TV series that starred Peter Lawford and Phyllis Kirdk (WAY WAY before my time, heh heh) It lasted two seasons, and just didn't have the same spark of the movies. The chemistry between Powell and Loy rivalled that of great supercouples: GAble and Lombard, Astaire and Rogers,Pitt and Jolie, Bo and get the idea) IMDB has the remake scheduled for release in 2013, the year after Dark Shadows...this man is truly giving us much to look forward to! Big question now: Who's gonna play Nora??????

and for those of us who can't get enough DARK SHADOWS, here's a good place to get current info:


And if you're into DS nostalgia, YOU TUBE has a ton of trailers to check out:">>

OK - you're informed. My work is done. Miaow.

Tomorrow: Firefly/Redemption updates and Browncoat, anyone??????

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