Monday, April 4, 2011

Meow Monday!

Mondays are always rough around here - more so when Master does not get her quota of sleep - but I plow through with my posting anyway :)

We watched "The Tourist" on demand yesterday, and Johnny Depp's depth as an actor never ceases to amaze me. while I could take or leave Angelina Jolie (as an actress - as a babe,she's HOT) Depp's disarming performance was rather high quality. I didn't find the movie to be as disappointing as the critics painted it, either - it had a lot of Hitchcokian qualities to it (and Meow is a big Hitchcock fan) particularly the ending, although I must confess, Master had a glimmer of that midway through the movie. Still, it was quite enjoyable. so if you missed it on the big screen, go rent "The Tourist". If you like twisty mysteries (And Angelina Jolie all glammed up in to die for gowns) you wont be disappointed.

As for books - Master is more than halfway through JD Robb's latest, TREACHERY IN DEATH AND GIVES IT TWO THUMBS UP!!!!!! JD Robb (aka Nora Roberts) has never disappoited in the "In Death" series, and in this, her 32nd, Ibelieve, is no exception. Master will have a detailed report on this and on JD Robb in general, in the May issue of NIGHT OWL REVIEWS in her column DARK STREETS. If you dont' already subscribe to NOR, you might want to. There are lots and lots of fun articles, interviews and reviews each month!

Here's another cool site I found: it has lots of movie trailers, current and upcoming. Was looking for the Dark Shadows trailer but apparently it's not out yet. Will keep you all informed!

Yawn. Got to get me some shut eye myself!


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