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Guest Ann Purser!

Today our guest blogger is author Ann Purser. Ann is the author of the Lois Meade and Ivy Beasley mysteries!  Welcome, Ann!

Thank you, Rocco!

I started writing after my small daughter was diagnosed with cerebral palsy.   We thought that though she had been dramatically premature, she seemed to be okay.   But then, finding out, we concentrated on doing the best we could for her.   At eight years  old she went away to school, and I missed her so much I had a period of gloom.   Fed up with me, my husband suggested I write down what I felt, and it appeared in SHE magazine and I had much comforting feedback.
My next daughter and later a bouncing boy, completed our family.   They are still more important to me than anything else.

SHE was a well respected mag in those days, and the editor was an ex-girlfriend of my husband!   I continued in this fashion by taking on television reviewing for the Stage and Television Today.   They wanted Philip, but he said his old woman would do it for the fee they were offering.   So I did, and greatly enjoyed it.

Next I was offered a whole page interview with a tv or radio performer of my choice, one a month on SHE (same editor).

A wonderful experience, and I was threatened with a law suit only once.  

Six years later, I decided to broaden my horizons and did a wonderful degree with the Open University.  By now, I reckoned I could try my hand at a novel, so wrote the six Round Ringford village stories, following these up with my two detective series, starring Lois Meade, detective in one, and Ivy Beasley, head of an enquiry agency in the other.  Lois runs a cleaning business, and recognises the ideal environment for detecting:  a position of trust in her clients` houses.   Lois is married and has a hands off relationship with Inspector Cowgill; and Ivy is engaged to be married to Roy, both resident in an old folks home in Suffolk.

I love writing both series, and find that writing them alternately is as refreshing as a break from my workroom!

My agent (also my husband`s) was wonderful Jacqueline Korn at David Higham Associates, and she was always helpful, and forthright in her judgement on my early efforts.

My latest release is:   The Sleeping Salesman, an Ivy Beasley enquiry.   Roy`s only relative, Steven, is to be best man at the wedding, but there are many hitches, not least the possible postponement of the wedding, and murder, abduction and deceit are there in plenty. 

I always have music - classical mostly - while I`m writing.   I love music, and find that it acts as a barrier to extraneous sounds such as playtime in the village school next door, aiding my concentration.

What would my readers be surprised to know about me?   Not much, I suspect.   Perhaps the fact that I keep chickens and pick dandelions for them every day from the hedgerows?   Boring, boring!  The craziest thing I’ve ever done was as a fourteen year old, I rode a large Irish mare at the gallop through local town on market day, unable to stop her and aware that my mother and friends were shopping and watched me go by.   Nothing since.

Am I a Plotter or pantser?   Maybe because I am English, I have no idea!

If I could meet anyone in the world, past or present, it would be my grandson George, on loan from the hereafter.

I hope my readers take away only amusement and enjoyment from reading my books.   I love it when they write to me, and feel I have made friends.   My website (which needs major updating, I fear) is
My email address is:

 It’s been delightful and thank you for having me on your blog, ROCCO!

Thank you, Anne!

Coming in September:  Gemma Halliday!
I will be offline whilst THE HUMAN takes a vacation (imagine that – I do not take one and I sorely need one, Meow!)
But join us for  more fun and interviews in October!

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  1. Ann,I love the idea of a cleaning woman 'detective'! She would certainly e in the position to notice a great deal and people do not give that service enough respect,(says the former housekeeper!) May you have continued success with your work and your family.
    Rocco, oh surely your 16 hour a day naps can be stretched out a bit to allow you a little 'rest'!
    Take care and wish Toni a good vacation.I'll be waiting for your return to the blog.

  2. Great interview! I love your little comment "threatened with lawsuit only once". That certainly makes me wonder! I love that you have chickens, they are a wonderfully funny animal to have and take care of. :)