Monday, January 24, 2011


Ah, good morning name is ROCCO, and I am the head cat/blogger here at the LoTempio household.

This blog's gonna be about cats, mainly...with some books thrown in. (My human made me promise that - i suppose this means I'll have to actually read HER books, too). Here I will post my catly views regarding life, love, mousing,and, yes...books.

What does a savvy cat like myself enjoy reading? Cozies, mostly. Mysteries. Books that feature animals prominently. Paranormals (I prefer mystery over romance, though. Two humans kissing - yecch!) I'll share my favorite books with you and take suggestions on new ones that anyone has to offer.

I'll also report on the comings and goings of my human, and my fellow cats here at Lotempio Manor - brother Maxx, and the two old ladies: Trixie (14) and LJ (10). Momma promised me I could have a calico chick one day - hope it's not when I'm too old to enjoy it, heh heh. My brother Maxx and I are both 2 1/2. Maxie will be 3 March 15, and my birthday is June 1.

Oh, and yes. My human wants me to mention her latest books, but my paws are tired right now. Not used to all this typing, heh heh.

We'll save that for the second post :)

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