Monday, February 21, 2011

Another Monday, another snowstorm

These are getting to be very commonplace here in NJ - looks as if by the time both storms blow out tomorrow there will be another 5-6 inches. and we jsut started to see concrete again! LOL

These last two weeks have been decpetive - a group of wrens built a nest under the living room air conditioner and Maxx and I were having fun trying to swipe underneath it with our paws - until our Master squirted us with water and told us in no uncertain terms to leave the birdies alone!

Sorry - jsut my natural predatory nature, I guess. Well, spring is only 4 weeks away so soon there will be lots of birdus for us to look at...and salivate over....

today's a holiday for most - my master had to go to work, so I'm here typing up a storm. I'm going to be reseasrching some topics for future blogs, so I'd like to get to that and then take a nice...long...CAT nap before Master returns home to shovel out the car and complain about having to take the bus again.....



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  1. Makes us shiver thinking of how cold it's been in NJ. We kitties are also looking forward to the spring and watching those birdies! Not that our owner is looking forward to that, as we sometimes bring in some unfortunate creatures!