Friday, February 11, 2011

Of mice and men and all catly things.....

The weather seems to be picking up now - soon the birds will be tweeting and hopping around in the yard outside our kitchen window, which means plenty of "bird-watching" lies ahead for myself and my siblings. We've been enjoying watching the squirrels climb up and down the trees this winter. Only 5 more weeks till spring (March 21) Yeah!

I thought I would expound today on something that has always, and will forever be, associated with cats: Chasing mice! (That phrase, OF MICE AND MEN, didn't just get pulled out of the air, y'know!)

Many domestic cats love to hunt mice, often choosing them over other prey such as birds, and you might ask WHY? To begin with, mice are relatively easy for cats to catch. Cats stalk mice slowly, or ambush them, and the mice pose no threat. Other potential prey, such as birds, are not only harder to catch but can also potentially harm the cat. Also, don't forget many humans depend on their household cats to control the vermin population. The feline instinct to hunt is no different than the canine instinct to bark or the human instinct to talk (or to ramble, LOL).

Have I ever chased a mouse? No. Would I like to? is the sky blue???????? We don't make those growly sounds in the backs of our throasts when we see birds or squirrels or even mice for the hell of it, you know. Domestic though we are, we are natural predators.

Except of our humans. Those we LOVE. Especially at food time.

have a good weekend, everyone!


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  1. Those 5 weeks - they cannot pass fast enough for me! Cmon spring!