Friday, February 4, 2011

Up Up and's Friday!

THE GALAXY EXPRESS, a SFR blog, has a lovely interview and article about my master's new indie YA fantasy, MY SUPERHERO SISTER. Read it here

And a big MEOW to Heather for featuring my master! (ps - Heather is an author too, with a SFR coming out in March - my master will be sure to guest post on it when it's released. Hey, Heather! Any cats in that book? Need a prototype for a future book? I'm available heh heh)

Anyhoo, that post started me thinking about superheroes. I know my master is a HUGE DC comics fan (although she does enjoy the occasional HULK/SPIDERMAN/FANTASTIC FOUR) and is crazy about Superman, Lois Lane, Batman, and the like.

I myself enjoy superheroes too - especially their pets. I've always liked Supergirl's pet cat Steaky. A cat with a cape! How cool is that! Krypto, Superman's dog, is cool too...for a dog. He even has his own cartoon series. (Say, not a bad idea for me - I'd make a great cartoon character. Hmmmm)

If you're interested in learning more about SF and Superhero's, check this out!

And watch for my master to post something on her books next week - I'm afraid I was rather the "computer hog" this week heh heh. Oh, well....

Back to catnapping. Enjoy your weekend.


PS: Don't forget to check out THE GALAXY EXPRESS!

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