Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Some people say....

that I'm a very opinionated cat. I can't imagine where they get that from! I don't consider myself pushy by any means, but when i really, really, like something, or someone I feel I must speak out and share, so others might sample and perhaps enjoy, so....

I really, really, like JD Robb!

now, I know that JD Robb is a pen name for one of the most famous romance authors of all time - Nora Roberts - but this cool cat isn't, unfortunately, a big romance fan (unless it's Danielle Steele - for some odd reason I like her books, even though they break every rule but...what can I say?) anyway, Me LOVEY mystery and suspense, and the JD Robb "In Death" series has it in spades!

the series follows the adventures of 21st century detective Eve Dallas and her millionaire ex-almost con husband, the fabulously handosme Roarke, as they solve puzzling crimes and murders. The series also has a lot of characters (spoiler alert: spin off potential???) the most popular of which is Eve's sidekick, Peabody (or, as her numero uno calls her, SHE-body). the series is up to 40 !!!!! Wow, 40 novels, with the release of TREACHERY IN DEATH this February. It is also somewhat of a milestone, as TREACHERY prominently features Peabody, who overhears dirty cops planning a crime.

this got me to thinking: I do sincerely hope the end of this fabbo series is nowhere in sight! NR has said the series will end when Eve becomes pregnant (many other characters have achieved this status during the course of the series, but not Eve). In my mind, Eve has too many issues to work through before NR lets her have a kid (for one, she was raped by her father; for another, she stabbed him to death when she was eight years old) Roarke also had a similarly rough childhood growing up in Ireland - (daddy was a thief, daddy killed his mommie, daddy left Roarke to fend for himself on the streets after mucho mas beatings) so for me these two aren't exactly ideal parental material - but as detectives, they are par excellence!

Anyway, Im hoping TREACHERY isn't a precurser for a spin-off series to replace "In Death". I mean, not that Peabody couldnt' carry her own series; certainly she could. It's just I love Eve and Roarke so damn much, I just can't imagine the literary world without them!

the books should be read in order, but i confess that I didn't - however, I since have. Each one just keeps getting beter and better. If you are a big suspense fan, and like just a dollop of romance (NR gives us just enough between Eve and Roarke to keep it interesting without getting sappy - there are no "hairy chests" or "covert glances" as in most paranormal romances) I definitely suggest you start with a copy of NAKED IN DEATH, the first book. You will not be disappointed. Rocco guarantees it!

for a complete listing of the Eve Dallas books, I direct you, as usual, to this wikipedia page:
and there is always the Nora Roberts website for even more information:

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  1. Well, I am always looking for more mysteries to enjoy! Thanks for the tip!