Thursday, May 12, 2011



Well,Kitties,the big day is here! My Long awaited interview with the fabulous Janet Evanovich! She took time out of her very busy schedule writing and promoting SMOKIN SEVENTEEN (out June 21) to briefly answer a few questions for me! MEOW!

and without any further ado (because none is needed:

R: Hello, Janet, and welcome. thank you for allowing me to interview you, meow. I realize you're very busy and your answers will be short, but your time is muchly appreciated!

J: Thank you for having me, Rocco.

R: Please tell us a little bit about your next Stephanie Plum book! What can we expect?

JE: I can't say much other than a man from Stephanie's past comes to town.

R: Ah, what a teaser :) Ok, now, confess! Are you Team Ranger, Team Moretti, or Team Diesel?

JE: I'm not a team player. :-)

R: From a fan standpoint, there's nothing you can't do. But is there anything in particular that you feel uncomfortable or that you just can't write about?

JE: I can't write from a male point of view. I have no idea what goes inside a man's head.

R: If you were not a writer, what would you be doing now?

JE: I got a degree in art, so I'd perpetually have paint under my fingernails.

R: Do you do anything special to celebrate when you finish a novel?

JE: Take a walk on the beach, eat some birthday cake (even if it's not my birthday) and then get to work on the next book.

R: Now the question I know is on every Janet Evanovich/Stephanie Plum fan's mind:
Can you tell us your thoughts on the forthcoming Stephanie Plum movie, starring Katherine Heigl?

JE: I'm looking forward to it. I understand that Katherine is a fan of the books and she's always wanted to play Stephanie, so it's all good.

R: In closing: Dog or cat person (careful now J - Meow)

JE: We've always had pets -- cats, dogs, a hamster or two and a bird. But sorry, Rocco, though I love you dearly, I'm currently a dog person. Although my son's cat, Gus, is a frequent visitor. He has play dates with my dog Ollie.

R: Thank you so much, Janet, for making time to let me interview you. Meow! It's been a real pleasure!

There you are, kitties! Hope you enjoyed my interview and I hope that you will all RUN not walk, to your nearest bookstore to get your copy of SMOKIN' SEVENTEEN when it's available June 21 (or download it on your Nook - or Kindle - if you prefer)

And mark your calendars for ONE FOR THE MONEY, in theatres January 27, 2012. Don't forget our contest...what do the three main stars have in common? Winner will receive either an e or a print copy (thier choice) of my Master's latest, RAVEN'S KISS (yes, we know you'd rather have a Janet Evanovich book, I said, it's FREE) Post your answer in the comments section, contest closes midnight, Sunday, May 15.

Well, after a week of intense posting, I must rest my paws :) Next week: More news on our fundraiser for Kids Need to Read, News on all our fave tv shows including CASTLE, DS Movie news, and more.

And dont' forget my interview with author Traci Hohenstein in conjuction with my master's article on her in Night Owl Reviews magazine next week!

It's gonna be good....

Meowingly yours,



  1. That's a wonderful interview, and what a coup, Rocco! You did a great job. But...currently a dog person, huh? : )

  2. Yes, sad isn't it? Perhaps we can convert her...

  3. I am such a fan girl of the Stephanie Plum books and of course of Ms. Evanovish! So it is only natural that I am so excited about the up coming movie. And what better actress than Katherine Heigl.

    Rocco you did one meowing job with your interview and I am so glad to have not missed Ms. Evanovich's visit.

    I hope you all have a wonderful weekend and thanks for sharing some time here Ms. Evanovich.