Thursday, May 5, 2011

Didja Miss Me? Well, I'm Back!

didja miss me? Didja? well, my paws were sore from so much typing I took a little break :)
but I'm back, baby - better than ever!

firstoff: there is a great review of master's new book, Raven's Kiss, over at Pretty Opinionated.

You can find the review at:

So read and enjoy!

Also, a big shout out to Belinda at THE BOOKISH SNOB for shamelessly plugging our fundraiser for KIDS NEED TO READ. Yanno, even if you don't want to buy a book there are other ways to support this great charity! they love donations of actual YA books too! Just a thought :)

You can read Belinda's post here:

A reminder that Next week we will have our interview with author JANET EVANOVICH! OOH, I can't wait :)
Week of May 16: Traci Hohenstein, indie author of BURN OUT
and finally, week of May 23, Part 1 of our interview with STRANGE NEIGHBORS author Ashlyn Chase!

So mark your calendars, kitties!
Tomorrow I will expostulate on BKTAW - Be Kind to Animals Week!

Meowingly yours,


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