Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Better Late than Never....Rocco discovers Mary Janice Davidson

Call me a late bloomer (if you must) but in my never ending quest to improve my catly mind, I am always on the lookout to discover authors, new or established, who write what I like to read.
and, Eureka, this week I've found one! she's been around a while,but better late than never right? She writes with humor and insight, and her books are best sellers? Who is this, you ask?


Even though they keep insisting the fad is dying, I still see plenty of novels with a chick lit tone, and Mary Janice writes 'em like no one can. Right now I'm immersed in her first novel, UNDEAD AND UNWED, and I've had to stop several times because I was laughing so hard my whiskers got wet! I am BEGGING my master to please, please, pick up the other books in this terrific series!

Just in case there are others out there like me who hadn't heard of this fabbo series until a few weeks ago, here's a rundown:

Elizabeth "Betsy" Taylor turns thirty in the most unfortunate manner possible: she is laid off from work and then run down by an SUV. Waking up in the morgue fails to improve her mood, and when she discovers she can't kill herself, she realizes she's beocme a vampire. Being proclaimed "Queen of the Vampires" by the obnoxious Eric Sinclair, who places himself first in line to be her consort, proves to be the last straw.

1.Undead and Unwed
2.Undead and Unemployed
3.Undead and Unappreciated
4.Undead and Unreturnable
5.Undead and Unpopular
6.Undead and Uneasy
7.Undead and Unworthy
8.Undead and Unwelcome
9.Undead and Unfinished

Well, I know what I want for my birthday :) Meow!
And a Browncoat, of course.

until tomorrow,


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