Wednesday, May 25, 2011


Call the cops! she got robbed! I mean it~! Robbery of the highest order! Meow!

I'm talking about Disney princess Chelsea Kane, of course, and the fact that the girl who was clearly one of the top two dancers all season long ended up in third???!!! place in last night's finale of DANCING WITH THE STARS.

Meow, I suppose we should have seen that coming - Whilst I love Kirstie Alley, she clearly was not in the same category as Hines or Chelsea - although I must admit, her freestyle was EXTREMELY GUTSY for an overweight, 60 year old woman. Kirstie has always had a certain sort of "off the wall" charm which has endeared her to fans ever since her "Cheers" days when she did the unthinkable - replaced the "irreplacable" Shelley Long and made us all say, "Diane Who?"

But, while DWTS is, like every other reality show, a popularity contest, it is supposed to be, first and foremost, a dancing competition - and let's face it, as much as I adore Kirstie her dancing wasn't up to the level that Chelsea and Hines's was.

I mean, we could see Hine's victory a mile away, but I thought for sure Chelsea would give him a run for his money and end up second. I swear, that kid has a blossoming career before her as a pro dancer, should she want to pursue it.

She's in good company, though. there have been other ladies through the years who've been stupendous dancers, and ended up in third or fourth place, most likely becasue they didn't have as large a fanbase as their competitors, i.e.:

SEASON TWO: Stacy Kiebler, Drew Lachey's biggest competitor, finished third behind Jerry Rice (another footballer who was good but not great, IMHO) Many blamed her blah freestyle for not either finishing second or taking the trophy away from Drew. She was consistent all season, an excellent dancer, and a crowd favorite. Jerry Rice also prevented another vastly improved dancer, Lisa Rinna, from landing in the top three. Rinna finished fourth.

SEASON FOUR: Laila Ali, Muhammud Ali's daughter, finishes third behind Joey Fatone and Apollo Anton Ono. that was another season where the top three were too close to call.

SEASON FIVE: OK, at least Mel B finished second. but many thought she was robbed too.

SEASON EIGHT: In another of those too close to call matches, Melissa Rycroft, subbing for an injured Nancy O'Dell, finishes third after a stellar season where she proved herself danceworthy. That season was a close call between the top three: personally, my moneys was on Giles Marini. That guy can dance!

SEASON NINE: IN perhaps the biggest robbery in the show's history, singer Mya was definitely robbed of the trophy,thanks to the entire state of Utah voting for Donny Osmond. Donny was surprisingly good but...Mya was better, far better. and deserved the trophy rather than the second place finish.

All of which brings us to Season Twelve: Chelsea, call the cops! You got robbed, girlfriend!

For anyone who missed the robbery, you can catch it here:

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