Thursday, June 30, 2011

Happy 4th Weekend and a Hint of Things to Come


Can you believe it's Fourth of July weekend already? the human can't believe how quickly the year is going. Her plans for this weekend include working on the sequel to the novel her agent is currently doing edits on! so she will be out of my hair - er, ah, I mean fur - for much of the holiday!

What does Rocco have planned? Well, watching birdies, maybe catching a few flies, eating up a storm, wrestling with my brother Maxx (and biting him on the neck - although the human goes nuts when I do that) hey, it's all in kittie fun! And, of course, playing with my ballie. And wishing for a Browncoat.

As June draws to a close, I thought I'd recap the memorble events of the month and give you a taste of what we've got planned for July:

June: saw great interviews: Ashlyn Chase, Janet Evanovich, just to name a few! With more to come in July. And the human signed with the fabulous Josh Getzler of HSG Literary, so that put her in a good mood (although her back trouble might have cancelled that out). The Blog Tour for Raven's Kiss kicked off June 9, and so far is a rousing success - her sales are up 400 books from last month! (jungle gym, oh, jungle gym, could you possibly be in my future? MEOW)

July looks to be an explosive month, in more ways than one:

So far, I have an interview lined up with the human's agent, Josh Getzler, for July 14! I asked Josh some really, really tough questions and he responded with book-length answers :) So, rest assured that will be a post that shoudl be of interest to lots of aspiring writers!

I have also lined up an interview with ex-NAL now freelance editor and human's mentor Kristen Weber! that should be a primo one as well ! Look for that around the end of July.

We also have on board (albeit with no firm dates as yet) Jill Myles, Jeaniene Frost, Kriana from Sci Fi Saturday Night, and don't forget Part 2 of my interview with the fabulous Ashlyn Chase August 1!

Plus we will be catching up with the latest news on Kids Need To Read (new fundraiser coming in September), Dark Shadows, and Nathan Fillion/Browncoat/Serenity!

So - dont' change that channel!

Have a Safe and Happy Fourth


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  1. I really need to find time to park myself down and catch up on your good interviews.