Monday, June 13, 2011

Master's Blog Tour continues!

Master is interviewed over at The Bookish Snob for her blog tour. Catch it Here:

Follow this tour, it's great fun! Plus at the end there's a chance to get a character named after you! I may even enter....a cat named Rocco, immortalized in print? What's not to love?

On the distaff side, anyone catch the Tony's last night? More importantly, Hugh Jackman and Neil Harris' song and dance! who thinks these two should co-host something! Oscar! Emmy! Tony! All of the above! Raise your paws!

My interview with author Jeff Cohen will post Wednesday, so stay tuned for that!

And...I guess that's about all. Master had a bit of writer's block over the weekend, but I told her, just try some catnip and see :) BTW, I did get some lovely catnip mice for my birthday - now all i need is that Browncoat :)

Sci Fi Blogging Cat

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