Friday, June 10, 2011


Whilst surfing the net, I came across this article on the upcoming Dark Shadows movie:

Basically, it says that DS will not be shot in the newly popular medium of 3-D.
I'm not quite sure how i feel about that.

While it's true 3D doesn't lend itself to every movie, i think Dark Shadows might actually benefit from it. I think the 3D effect might "amp up" the "spookosphere" (like that word???) and that's what we need, sitting in a dark theatre, watching Barnabas (johnny) bare his fangs for all the world to see.

Another thing that bothered me was Burton's comment on the tone of the movie: that he wasn't quite sure what it was yet, other than it was a "funny" tone.

OK - does he mean HA HA funny, or strange funny, or wierd funny, or what?

Because most of the charm of Dark Shadows came from the fact that the soap was camp - pure, unadulterated camp- but the actors all played it straight, like they were in a multimillion dollar production of Macbeth. As absurd as it all was, they took it seriously - how could we not?

The thing I'm most afraid of is the soap opera responsible for sparking my "gothic" senses will end up being a laughinstock, a joke at the box office.

and that, dear friends, would be the worst joke of all.

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  1. I just read about you getting and agent! That is awesome news, Toni!!! I am so happy for you!! Whoohooo ;-)